Meeting you was a curse

Little did I know when I met you that it was a curse...You were kinda cute, and easy to get in bed. I kept pursuing you even though you're 18, and overly dramatic. Now you're pregnant, you are a curse on my life. It's just the beginning and I already wanna run away, I don't like you or hearing about your problems because you're bi-polar, and depressed literally every single day. You put me on this emotional roller-coaster I don't wanna ride in. You play little games like this is some board game, I'm exhausted by you/ I'm enslaved by you're ridiculous immaturity. I wish I never met you.

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  • Dumb little male, just one of an eternally long line of dumb males.

    She was a teenage drama queen who liked to play mind games, but none of that mattered because you wanted to stick your pee-pee in her just SO badly. Well, now you're trapped for at least 18 years. You're seeing her true nature and not just her formerly tight little body a little too late.

    Your subspecies will never learn. Never.

  • Still not as dumb as the incels on this board who can't get within 500 feet of any female besides their mommys

  • Dumbass

  • My father told me on his dying bed / He said "Give up your heart, but never lose your head" / Then you came along and what did I do? / I lost my heart and my head went too!

  • Its called Plan B dummy

  • Grow up support the woman u have been enjoying s** with,and the new kid. U should be ashamed to come here and post all that selfish nonsense.I just bought Trojan Intensified Charged Orgasmic Pleasure condoms today.They were $14.78 for ten. At 50% they were reduced to 7.39.I had $1.00 coupon reducing the price to 6.39 +.53 tax = 6.92. If no accident happens,those ten condoms will give me and whatever woman sexual please x10, but reduce the chances of a pregnancy.If no pregnancy,I save hundreds of thousands of dollars in child support and other expenses plus unnecessary grief,especially since am blessed with 4 kids already with mothers who I have had to constantly drag into court. Its not that am better than you,Its just that I know that unprotected s** is expensive.I am very sure you knew that before,during and after having s** with this fine 18 year old female,who all of a sudden is bipolar and has problems.Your thinking will make any woman bipolar in an instant.Just take care of your kid and own up to your responsibilities for the next 21 years at a minimum.

  • YOU put yourself in this position. You have no one to blame for where you are in life, but you. And 18, being "overly dramatic"..sounds like she's just acting her age because she's...18. I will don't necessarily have to marry this girl, that may be unfair to the both of you. Because getting married will not patch up what's wrong here. But you will both have to learn to get a long and do the right thing to co-parent successfully. That child needs you both. So you are both going to have to find a way to make this work. Go to a judge and get your custody and monetary arrangements in order. And do not flake on this child. May this be the toughest situation you are ever in.

  • I bet she wishes shed never met you. I mean you know how babies are made so why should this young woman take all the blame? This happens a lot. Some guy gets a girl pregnant and then blames her for the pregnancy.

    I hope she skins your ass when it comes time to pay child support.

    Man up and quite being such a selfish crybaby.

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