He deserves whats coming to him

I used to be such a nice girl. Cheating, let alone speaking to another guy whilst I was with you was absolute crazy talk, but now I don’t give a s***.
How is it that you can be so great yet so mentally f***** up as well!
I've decided to become a s** goddess. I mean everyone always called me a c***-tease or tease and I was always confused by it. Now I know my worth and I know what guys are capable of so I’m going to stop being loyal, stop being faithful and f*** with his mind.
I am going to s**** you up the same way you thought you could s**** with me.

Right now me and you are talking again, in your head we are going get back together and everything will be fine and dandy to you... THINK AGAIN B****! I am a fully aware of what I am and am not capable of and I am going to use both my strengths and weakness to f*** with you and anyone else who wants to take this p***.

No more Mr nice guy.

Aug 8, 2014

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  • Yeah, girl! You just f****** GO!!!!

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