Secret flame

I fantasize about having s** with my boyfriends best friend. I have been friends with him longer than my boyfriend, and we have historically had crushes on eachother over time. regardless, my boyfriend is my boyfriend for a reason and I love him, so I don't want to hear anything about me cheating, cause I won't. after a particular night out with my boyfriend, his best friend and some other friends I couldn't stop picturing kissing his best friend...
him and I always make lingering eye contact. I am sometimes so turned on by him because I know he secretly wants me but can't have me. I see him check me out but otherwise he is insanely respectful of our relationship. what I can't get over is the fact that he once told me he loved me after a drunken night of the friend group going out, and after quietly admitting it to me immediately left the bar like as though he was mortified. even though I'm not going to do anything about it I can't ignore the fact that I always imagine that if he finally got his hands on me he would literally f*** me so good and so passionately. like he would do it like the world was ending.

it really is such a pain because he is really juicy and so is my boyfriend. when I see them hanging out sometimes I just wish they would both f*** me together.

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  • Had GF who had a GF and her BF who we did things with. Her GF told me she just wanted to try it some time. We met and went on a date. Took her to a friends beach condo. we had dinner and walked on the beach. Back to the room where I screwed the ass of her. She went home satisfied and sore from the nights action. I got a shot at her and was years later before I appreciated what she gave me. She and I met after she married, she told me had I ask she would have dumped him right there. She had been in love with me. She thought of that night many times when they had s**. I am glad she married him, I wondered if she would have cheated on me as she did him. I had not made the commitment she and he had made.

  • Maybe you should jokingly bring it up to your bf. about a mmf 3sum. If your bf is ok with that. Just bring it up down the road. What about so and so. If my wife have thoughts so strongly. I woild like to know about it. And we would talk. I rather do it with her as long as im aware. Its just s**. Thays how you have to look at it.

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