If I had a choice to cease to exist...knowing that my friends and family would not be hurt, but rather forget I was ever alive...I'd have a hard time saying no. I have no idea how to be happy.

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  • I use to be like that until I made changes in my life. I will share them with you. Whether you do it too is your choice. But it would also be your choice to remain depressed.
    1. Changed my diet. Got rid of junk food. Started eating healthier, as in more fruits and veggies. Almost instantly, I had more energy and my mood became more balanced. Wake up every morning content and happy. I also became a vegan, following a rawtill4 diet which defi itely helped a lot, but that's not something you HAVE to do. Just add more fruits, veggies, and water PLEASE. You are what you eat and it does impact you a lot more than you think.

    2. Excercise. It releases endorphins which help to make you feel good and more confident. You don't have to do anything extreme. Riding a bike would even be good.

    3. Nature. Staying inside all day is like being in a BOX. Go outside, FRESH AIR, sunshine, natural energy.

    4. Expression. Find outlets to do it through dancing, singing, drawing, or writing. Even coming up with stories, use your imagination. think like a child.

    5. POSITIVE THINKING. Thoughts are things. You bring what you put out. Set out to have a good day. Be grateful for everything you have, someone out there has it way worse than you.

  • Me too...

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