One time I bullied without knowing it. I was so upset I made someone sad without knowing it. I kept on bullying anyone that stood up to me. I had a small group of friends that helped me stand up to them.. I thought I was protecting myself and my friends.. One day this guy was pushing my small four foot friend against the gate. I pushed him out of the way and stood up to him. He called me names and we went to class. Once Art class started I started to draw. Art has always been my sanctuary. The guy walked up to me and smudged the drawing. I stared at the ugly drawing feeling terrible. I'd worked so h****** it.. He smashed my sanctuary.. My face started to feel hot and my blood boiled inside of me. I had burst into tears in front of my peers and friends. I let it flow. I was so mad I hit a guy trying to comfort me in the head with a book. I'd been quiet and shy for the rest of the year like every other year.. Which left me weak.. Bullied.. Defenseless.. Worthless.. Useless.. My friends supported me. I've continued my art work and I'm pretty good..! But.. I'm scared for the next year... I'm scared.. And.. Confused..

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  • Try not to take it out on the people who are trying to comfort you. You need avoid the jerks, and tell your school counselor if anyone harasses you, they can confront it as if the teacher witnessed the act so you don't have to fear retaliation.

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