I have this idea... what do you think..

God is all knowing and perfect. God knows himself hence has an idea of himself. His idea of himself is perfect and exactly like himself in everything. So if God can exist on its own so his idea of himself can exist on its own, so even if God will think of other things, his idea of himself will not cease to exist. It is alive on its own like God.

If God is eternal and almighty the same with his idea of himself.

When God thinks of Himself it is exactly like him in everything otherwise it is not perfect.

God who generates an idea of himself is Father and the idea of Himself generated which exactly and perfectly like God is the Son.

Sep 7, 2018

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  • See below: ...for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die.
    BUT ADAM DID NOT DIE in that day. So the Bible is wrong.

  • See below: ...for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die.

  • Thought provoking confession, I liked it :)

  • That is designed to provoke. You are welcome to oppose it. Just state it reasonably. Il welcome it.

  • The scriptures about god was manmade, which is factual. So no one knows the truth, unless anyone encounters a god to validate it. In the meantime, believe have faith in whatever you want, as an individual that is your choice :)

  • Scripture i think is mans record of his encounter with God. That is perhaps more accurate to be factual. Yes we are free to believe whatever we want. In that case belief can be reasonable and unreasonable. Like it is inreasonable to believe that a mere stone created man. Yet you are free to believe it. On the other hand it is reasonable that all created things are created by a higher power we call God.

  • Are you a man or a woman. I was reading that depending on your genre you have different ideas of God.

  • I'm a human being regardless of gender, race and sexuality. I'm an individual, with individual thoughts, morals, values, mindset and so forth. I follow no one, I follow my own path. It's liberating :)

  • You are not absolutely liberated. If you follow your own path then you are a slave of your own self.

  • Is being a slave to one's own path a bad thing? Doesn't it depend on what sort of individual a person is and what path they choose to take, that would determine if their path is liberating or not?

  • To be slave to ones own good desires is a good thing. That is what they call following the commandments written in the heart rather than in words.

    Of course common sense will tell us that to be slave to our evil desires is a bad thing. True liberation is liberation from doing evil desires.

    But still you still have to inform your conscience to know what is right.

  • You mention “path”. I remember the “didache” it says that there are two ways, “the way of death” abd the “way of death”. You can read it.

  • I mean didache says that there two ways “the way of death” and “the way of life”

  • We can have different ideas of God but at least you did not point out that i am unreasonable.

  • Did you f*** God or something, then why don't you post in it in some Theology Reddit?

  • Cant you see its a confession of what i think of God.

  • Two persons marry and give birth to their child to complete the family. Same is the idea of the son. God himself is perfect,ultimately he is the one for our wisdom to question him and raise fingers on him

  • Bless you. Believe whatever you want, but don't assume it's right and don't enforce your opinions on others, as if it's the gospel truth.

  • I will not assume that it is right. I know there are other explanation why God has a Son. Or that God having a Son is something reasonably proper in the nature of God because there was no time in which God had no idea of himself perfectly and exactly. At least for me this is reasonable explanation why God has a Son. Im waiting for somebody to attack my arguments with reason so that it can be tested.

  • What if their isn't a god and there wasn't a proposed son of god? What if their was a goddess and she had a daughter instead? What ifs, what ifs :) If you truly believe in god and god is an almighty being, perhaps that being is the only one whom has the answers you seek. I don't believe, anyone knows on earth. So good luck with your thought provoking questions and deep retrospections, it's interesting.

  • God can be known although imperfectly from his works. We know that somebody created the universe and we call him God. Reason because nothing will exist if there is nobody caused it to exist.

    God can be also known by God self revelation. No one can know God except God himself. We cannot know everything about God. Our finite mind cannot comprehend the infinite knowledge of God.

    If we cannot know God perfectly at least we can know him imperfectly through revelation of one who comes from God, one who is not from earth but from heaven.

    Here it is relevant to mention the the Word was in the beginning, was with God, was God, was made man.

    “No one has ever seen God but the only Son who came from the bosom of the Father has made him known”

    No one knows the Son except the Father and no one knows the Father except the Son and to anyone whom he chooses to reveal.

    Then Jesus made a shocking revelation to the jews by claiming God as his Father in an “unheard of sense”, that is by calling God your Father you are making yourself equal to God. Jesus is calling God as Father is the true sense not in a sense of being a creator but in the sense that the Father begot Jesus, hence being the Only Son of God in the true sense. That is why when Jesus claim to be Son of God, he is always accused of blasphemy because he is making himself equal to God, hence a claim to being God.

    In what way the Father and Son equal? They are equal in substance since the substance of the Son is derived from the Father. They are substantially the same God. 1x1=1

    In what way they are not equal? In their function or relation. The Father sends, the Son obeys and is sent. In this way the Father is greater than the Son but it does not affect the equallity of their substance.

    Like a human master and a human servant. That fact that the human servant obeys his human master, it does affect the equality of their being human.

  • Believe what you want, I respect that. I believe what I want, aswell. I follow my own heart and thoughts, not those of anyone else's. But I do value and respect individuals opinions and perspectives, even if I disagree with them personally :) Listen to Hospin - ill mind 7.

  • When God created human being in the person of Adam, there was only one flesh that of adam. When God created a woman, God did not add another flesh because the flesh of the woman was taken from the flesh of Adam. The flesh of the woman is the same flesh of Adam. They children of Adam and eve are not additional flesh to Adam because they are all taken from the flesh of Adam. In short, there is only one flesh although many persons.

  • According to what I learnt attending a Catholic School as a child and teenager, apparently God created Lucifer, aswell as Adam and Eve. Isn't Lucifer perceived/assumed to be evil? If that's true, supposedly let's assume there is a god, then god I assume can't be perfect. But then again, doesn't it depend on what individuals perceive "Perfection" to be? Does being perfect mean infinitely good without an ounce of bad within? Without any flaws, badness, evil etc? Because I don't personally believe that. Please don't be offended, this just my personal opinion :)

    I assume if there's a god and god created us, then wouldn't god be similar to us minus the mortality part? We have free will, capable of good and bad as we're individuals, we aren't perfect as no one is in my opinion, we aren't without our individual flaws. So, why would god be perceived as a perfect being, when human beings aren't?

  • Okay il try to reason with you. God is perfect. When God created man obviously man was a perfect creature since God created man perfectly in his own image. As such man was perfect bodily and spiritually. As such man has a perfect understanding of God and was highly favored by God. Like God, man has a free will. Now when God gave the first law which is “do not eat the fruit” man had the perfect understanding of the consequences if he disobey. By his own free will man disobeyed the law and man lost the favor of God, death entered the world and as well as sin.

    In short our flaw today was not the fault of God but the fault of the perfect man in whom all men potentially exist.

  • None of this matters, according to my personal opinion. Believe whatever you want, everyone has this right to do so. I prefer to not be a sheep and not conform to anything. However, in specific situations in life, sometimes it's difficult. But when I'm in a position to be my true self especially in my personal life, I don't conform to anyone, anything and so forth. Being an authentic person and an original thinker, is the way to go.

  • You only mention men in your comment and emphasis is only regarding men, why is that? Does some women not follow the teachings of god and not perceive themself to be made in his/her/it image aswell as man?

  • Okay when i say “man” i mean to say mankind or humankind. It therefore includes “women” since woman was potentially existing in the body of the man from whom woman was derived.

    Putting it in another way, all men or humans were already potentially existing in the body of adam including women since all humans, all flesh are derived from Adam.

  • I am inclined to answer your question but my confession is not about “us” or “lucifer”. My confession is about the “Son of God”. When God thinks of Himself. He can see the image of himself in his mind. That image of himself is exactly and perfectly like God since there is no other way in which God can see Himself except in a way that is truly him. So the image of God is alive by itself since it is exactly like God. They exist side by side distinct yet one and thesame God. The living and perfect image of God generated in the mind of God is the Son. And God who generates that image is the Father.

  • Don't make statements on behalf of a god, as if you've spoken directly to them and vise versa. Have you had a two way conversation with a god? If yes, did that said god state," When I think of myself, I can see the image of myself, in my mind?"

  • No need of a conversation of God in order to arrive into conclusion that God has a Son. First it was revealed by Jesus and It can be explained by y own reasoning and by your our experience as an intelligent being.

  • You didn't comprehend the point of that person's comment. So let it go man 👨🏻

  • I get his point. His point is that since i have not conversed with God hence i cannot acquire yhe idea that God has a perfect Idea of Himself.

  • You still didn't comprehend the point 😣

  • Is it not reasonable to think that God who is infinitely all knowing can have an idea of his own image in his mind?

    Even you and I are capable albiet imperfectly to know what we look like in our mind how much more of God who is more intelligent than us?

  • You appear to think you're a person of high intellect and knowledge, which isn't a bad thing. However, don't assume to know everything about the subject matter of gods, based off your opinions of how you've interpreted the holy scriptures and what not. Everyone has their own individual perception and interpretations, regarding many subject matters. But that doesn't mean, our individual opinions are accurate. To portray individual opinions and interpretations of something as it's the gospel truth, isn't wise in my opinion. But this is just my opinion and I'm entitled to it, just like everyone else is to there's. Whether you agree with it or not, is upto you - That's not what I'm seeking, I'm just stating what I think and feel :) One love and respect

  • Thats is why i expose my opinion to all of you to test its accuracy. I am not assuming anything. So far nobody attacks it accuracy. We can have dialogue or exchange of ideas about my opinion that God has a Son. Thats all as simple as that.

  • One love and respect to you, so chill 😀

  • A God that has no Son is a God who does not know himself exactly and perfectly.

  • This is your opinion, it's not factual. So don't relay it, as if it is.

  • Argue against it. Just dont dismiss it.

  • Why bother and why do you want to argue about it? Why oh why lol

  • Then your dismissal of my opinion is without basis in reason.

  • Lol A dismissal of anyone's opinion, is within anyone's right to do so. Peace and love my fellow brethren, no disrespect intended :)

  • Okay

  • What do I think? I think you are not -- by a long shot -- the first person to try to create God in our own image.

  • Its not something that i create, its something that reason can reach. Its there whether or not i was able to discover it.

  • Can you use it and him in the same sentence like that?

  • I forgot to put period in between.

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