I have this idea... what do you think..

God is all knowing and perfect. God knows himself hence has an idea of himself. His idea of himself is perfect and exactly like himself in everything. So if God can exist on its own so his idea of himself can exist on its own, so even if God will think of other things, his idea of himself will not cease to exist. It is alive on its own like God.

If God is eternal and almighty the same with his idea of himself.

When God thinks of Himself it is exactly like him in everything otherwise it is not perfect.

God who generates an idea of himself is Father and the idea of Himself generated which exactly and perfectly like God is the Son.

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  • This is either Blasphemy or Nonsense.

  • What is the blasphemy here? What is the nonsense? Point it out with reason.

  • Two persons marry and give birth to their child to complete the family. Same is the idea of the son. God himself is perfect,ultimately he is the one for our wisdom to question him and raise fingers on him

  • When God created human being in the person of Adam, there was only one flesh that of adam. When God created a woman, God did not add another flesh because the flesh of the woman was taken from the flesh of Adam. The flesh of the woman is the same flesh of Adam. They children of Adam and eve are not additional flesh to Adam because they are all taken from the flesh of Adam. In short, there is only one flesh although many persons.

  • A God that has no Son is a God who does not know himself exactly and perfectly.

  • What do I think? I think you are not -- by a long shot -- the first person to try to create God in our own image.

  • Its not something that i create, its something that reason can reach. Its there whether or not i was able to discover it.

  • Can you use it and him in the same sentence like that?

  • I forgot to put period in between.

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