I'm such a manslut

I'm 47 and been married 12 years, but my wife became cold as a fish and doesn't like s** anymore. When she does, it's so boring. So, I've ventured out and become a hobbyist. In the past five months alone, I've been with ten different women. I've done all sorts of nasty things with them. I've tasted all their p******, and a few I licked their a*******. One squirted and several p***** on me. One wear strap-on and f***** me in the ass while tied up, then jerked me off and made me swallow my c**. Done everything from missionary to cowgirl, doggie, reverse cowgirl, a***. Several also let me c** in their mouth and swallowed every drop. My only regret is I started it earlier!

Aug 13, 2014

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  • You are the world's most interesting man.

  • I am in a similar situation and have no guilt. I have actually had at least double the number of women you have been with. My wife has lost all interest in s** and have no
    idea why. She was once a s*** that every man dreams about.
    Her loss! I am very attractive well built and very well endowed.

  • Why do you stay with her to lazy to leave her ? I hope you get AIDS and die slowly and no one comes to see you in the hospital you cold hearted ASS

  • Do the right thing and leave your wife , let her find someone because
    clearly she lost any feeling for you if she dose not want s** with you , maybe your both to lazy to leave each other . Who knows

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