To love in silence

Every time we go back to her office i get so flustered and awkward. As a mother i should be interested in what she is talking about, but I hardly listen. I am studying her face thinking about what it would be like to brush my lips softly against hers... feel the warm caress of her tongue against mine. I wonder what her naked b****** look like and imagine myself holding her in my arms. I want to hug her and tell her she doesnt have to be so lonely and sad... that i am here for her... i could open up her entire world! I think about her constantly! I cant stop. It has been months and still it wakes me from my sleep. I am in love with my son's counselor and i am in agony because i dont know what to do about it.

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  • Im in love with a girl like that. but she thinks its a funny f***** joke. so all I can say is you arent alone. A fifth of seagrams gin does help though....

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