My Step Sister Breastfeeding YUM !

My step sister had a baby and I was there to visit her because school was out for the summer . I did not want to go and see her I wanted to hang out with my buddies .
Went to my step sister's house and she was breast feeding her son ,this was the first time I have ever seen a real breast !
I got so hard watch the baby suck on her big nipple .
I enjoyed watching her breast feed her baby many times threw out the day . She did not cover her breast she took her shirt off and expose both her breast .
When she took her shower she left the door open , so she could hear if the baby cry's . I was enjoying watching my step sister in the nude , every time she walk her b**** jiggled side to side .
One day she fell asleep with her breast exposed and I wanted to know what it felt like to suck on her big nipples and wanted to taste her milk .
I walked over and put my face on her breast and started licking her nipple they got hard fast . I could not stop myself and started rubbing her breast as well .
She woke up and looked at me and said what are you doing ! I said I I wanted to know what your milk taste like and she smiled and said ok try it . So I sucked on them didn't like the milk and told her I want to taste her p**** and she said I don't know .
I told her I thought I might be gay and need to see if girls turn me on . I pretended to cry and she felt bad and said let's see if your gay or not .
She takes her clothes off and spreads her legs and pointed to were I am to lick . So I did and she was moaning and very wet .
I pull my pants down and stick it in her before she could says no .
After we had s** she said so do you think your still gay ? I told her I need to try again , 2 months later and I am still undecided .

(This is not real it's a s** story )

Aug 20, 2014

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  • Oml

    GUESS NO ONE SAW THE (This is not real it's a s** story ) AT THE END OF MY STORY TO BUSY J********** I UNDERSTAND

  • A girl can have a pretty face but if she dose not have at least a c cup then I won't date her , Sorry lady's but small b**** are a turn off . I want to play f*** and suck and rub b**** . Stick my d*** between her b**** and shoot a load in her face .

  • A cousin let me try her breast milk and later a friends mom let me try hers. The friends mom and I got it on a month later.

  • Cousin s** is awesome. Just saying.

  • Totally agree.

  • I to let our neighbor who was 14 at the time nurse from me after I lactated after failing to deliver my child. God my b****** were so swollen and when he caught me milking myself he helped and that led to him nursing on me and 5 times a day he nursed and I kept making more and more milk and the more I made the more he took and it was like a vicious circle . My nipples were constantly dripping embarrassing me at times for my blouse would get wet from my milk at the most inopportune times.
    Jerry my neighbor tried to keep up with me but he couldn't and what made matters worst his mom caught on to him cuz he was gaining so much weight. Going on the fourth month now and I now have 2 kids nursing on me. But that's not all they are doing as well. BUT that's another story

  • Jerry had to be c****** every time he drank your milk!

  • Exploding like a volcano with c** as he sucked

  • That sounds like fun

  • That's hot

  • Can u breastfeed me

  • Can u please breastfeeds to me. because my mother not to breastfeeds me more than 4 months and due to this reason i am still hungry for milk.please someone help me...its my bold request to u.....plz

  • As jao

  • Is there any one???

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