My first time in the car with a boy

I was out with my girlfriend at the mall. Her brother showed up to take her home and she offered me a ride. He dropped her off first because she had to go to ballet and took me home. We sat out beside the house talking, it early but it was dark and the street light was out. He had me squeeze over beside him, in those days cars had bench seats, and he ran his finger up and down my thigh, each time going a bit further down into my crotch. He asked me if I liked having a p**** and if I wanted to see his d***. He took his d*** out of his pants and I held it, he got an erection. I was nervous, he wanted me to kiss it but I was scared. He told me show him my breast, so I opened my blouse and pulled out my right breast. He immediately bent down to suck it holding it in his hand. Now suck my d***, so I bent down and sucked his d***. He told me he had never had his d*** sucked before and he wanted to touch p****. I wasn't sure about that but he kept holding my breast in his hand, kissing my breast and kissing my neck and mouth. I opened my pants and let him see my p**** and put his fingers between my legs. I had to push my pants down lower for him to get his whole hand around my p****. I laid back and he kissed me, kissed my neck and my breast as he felt me finding my v***** with his fingers.

I was 16 and he was 17. When I went indoors my mother noticed that my blouse wasn't tucked in in the back and followed me to my room to find out what happened. She gave me the third degree until I told her everything. She asked if he f***** me, had he put his p**** in my v*****? I said no, he told me he was saving me for marriage. He would f*** other girls but he wanted me pure as snow when I married him. My mother asked if he had proposed or something. No, he just said he was saving me for marriage.

Well you got to third base, my mother said. Third base is way too close to home base so from now on you can't go past second base. What's that I asked, she said he could feel me up, touch and kiss my breast but not my p****.

I went to my wedding night pure as snow. He kept me that way. He did f*** several girls before we got married, he told me each time.

Mar 24

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