Breast feeding

Just recently my wife has had are baby and I have to say she looks good already almost back to normal , Well she is still dressing hot with her short skirts and high heels on . Problem is she is breast feeding so she has tops that pull open and bras that do the same , I came home the other day and my wife was breast feeding in front of are next door neighbour . Now he is a lot older than us but judging by the way he was stairing at my wife he was enjoying the show , Picture this she did not look mumsy with her mini skirt and heels on she was showing her knickers has well . My wife put baby over her shoulder to wind her she still had her breast on display , When I told her about it she said it's ok John don't mind do you John of course he said no . She handed me the baby to put her back in the cot , When I came back she was wiping her nipples in front of John with her top open and her bra was the same . What's your thoughts on that she thinks I'm over reacting but John comes around all the time and he looks like he's enjoying it to much .

Sep 1, 2018

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  • When my wife was breast feeding our son, we were in a restaurant, my wife was facing away from the room, the kid got fussy, so she began to nurse him. She had a small blanket so nothing to see.
    Some older lady was sitting about 10 feet away and began to yell at my wife about how disgusting that was, and that they were trying to eat.
    My wife stood up, told her so is my baby, then she handed him to me, pull off the blanket and stuffed it in her carry bag.
    Both b****** bare.
    I swear, the old bag looked like she swallowed her dentures.

  • Hucow hucow for milking but get some cash from the guys that are milking your wife

  • Hey, I think I f***** your wife. My friend is doing the exact same thing. I f*** her while her husband is at work.

  • Yummy mummy phase

  • Your wife is a s*** dude. She's showing off her t*** and she's dressed like a s*** showing her panties off. She's a s*** and she's f****** John.

  • I bet John has a great W*** when he gets home

  • Oh H*** YES John loves to look at her leaking nipples , I bet he even had a little milk sample and you don’t know it.

  • Sounds like he is one lucky guy the way she is dressed and he get the whole show I see nothing wrong with it I wish I was him

  • I agree that more women should show their t*** off. I would look. The problem is these women are being b******. It is all about feminism. They want to show their t*** in public and in front of you but then if you look you are a b******. How about I wipe my d*** out in front of her. Then I'll get all offended when she looks.
    B**** don't flip your t** out in front of me if you don't want me to look at it. It is all about feminist control over men. Crazy f****** b******. Just feed your kid discreetly and don't make a f****** clown show out of it.

  • My wife was a breast feeing N***. She would hear on the radio that some woman had been told off for breast feeding at a mall or restaurant and she'd drive down there with baby and t*** out.

  • Your wife politicised breastfeeding instead of worrying about feeding her child. That is exactly what is wrong with the world, everyone thinks they have to fight every battle by making a political statement. Maybe your wife should have worried about her own affair instead diminishing your child's needs with a political statement.

  • Yes, yes, a thousand times yes! Thank you!!

  • You need to do a DNA test and see who the father is. I had 3 kid that I breastfed and not one of them would I have just let my breast be exposed to someone other than my husband. That is strange and i would not be surprised if she was having an affair with the neighbor guy.

  • Breastfeeding is about feeding your child, not exposing your breast. If she was sitting there with her breast exposed and no child attached, then she wanted John to see them. She's probably f****** him, or wants to f*** him. She's using the breastfeeding as an in to see if John is interested after she just had a baby.

  • F****** THIS. Too bad there are many sexually frustrated simpletons out there who can't tell the difference between the two-- both "mommies" and the man-children who sit there and drool. I'm a red-blooded male who loves a nice bouncy pair o' tittays as much as the next guy, but for f.uck's sake, does the word "boundaries" mean nothing these days?

  • Its John's baby d****** lol

  • Perhaps if we were not so up tight.

    They are b****.

    Men enjoy them.

    Live with it.

  • Yes you are getting bunched up over it and I am saying that after raising 3 kids. True the neighbor might be intrigued but this will pass. You won't even give it a 2nd thought if you have more babies.

  • She could be coming out of a depression and now feels alive after a half of a year not liking her body. She is also getting hormones like you can't believe.

    She sees the old man as a harmless outlet to expess some of her sexual re-awakening. She has something the other wants. Now she has power.

  • Just ask the baby if he is getting enough milk to feed on daily basis,probably he would respond nodding his head. If there is a NO then you need to worry about it.

  • You are over reacting this is a normal curiosity. It took a long time here in the states for breast feeding moms now they can openly breast feed their children with out prosecution.Many times they were told to go to a bathroom to feed their baby.

  • Coming from a pedo who hijacks other people's threads with made-up mumbling at some mentally ill little girl, you are doing the breastfeeding movement no favors by supporting it. Maybe more titnazis would cover up knowing something like you is lurking around hoping desperately to see a little nip.

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