I love playing with myself 24/7

No matter where I am or what I'm doing I like to rub my d***; if it's in public I put a hand in my pocket and rub it that way, if it's just me at home or alone wherever, I sit around in my underwear and rub one out, blow my load right in them or if I need to use lube 'cause of how many times I jerked off that day I'll take them off & just use them to wipe my wad off my stomach, then wipe the lube off my b**** & put them right back on again. Pretty much all underwear are to me anymore is glorified j*** rags, but I don't care anymore, I wear them for like 5-6 days in a row that way, the fly more or less just stained with tons of loads. I usually try and stay hard as much of the day as possible, don't finish up every single time, but at a minimum unless something's going on where I can't, then I j*** off all the way easily 6-7 times a day, and those are just the ones with a load at the end, but I'll rub my b**** for hours without blowing too - and that's a natural thing, I smoke pot, but no other drugs, I know alot of dudes that are into hard core drugs do s*** like that, but I don't do any, am 30 now & have been doing this since I was about 13 (I was a dirty little f***** when I was a kid, haha)

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  • I j******* like crazy too, just not as much as you during the day but close. I've been doing it nearly every day since I was 12 - before that, I'd rub my d*** against a pillow or bed. My main problem is that I never had a real gf of my own to do things to, so I'd always watch p*** or think about something sexual & c** 3-4x a day. 2nd problem is that I'm always bored or not having the best day, so I do that to make myself feel better. 3rd: I grew up talking to girls online who told me things they've done, including 1 who I dated online - she always made me feel crazy and c** TONS in my underwear, even 5mins after I just shot a load. Between her being hot with amazing t*** and then her telling me how good she sucks or how hard guys f***** her in text msgs, IMs & regular messages, I just loved it & jacked off like crazy. Don't think I'd be THIS bad if I didn't meet her.

  • There's some things that are the same, not so much the last part about a certain chick doing it, but I'm for sure bored as f*** with everything - hate my job, so I only half-assed do it now & that's kind of boring, so (like you said) it makes me not think about it so much if I j*** off, and that passes hours sometimes - and the other thing KIND OF too, haven't had a steady chick/GF I'm f****** in easily 10 years (I'm 34 now), and really don't want to, it's past that, with the amount of p*** I watch, and as much as I need to get off, I know there's no way it's ever gonna happen again, but again that's OK, I still get laid once in a while, get blow jobs etc etc, but it's lame. I want to get rougher than the chick will want to, I want to go longer than she'll want to, I want to watch p*** while I'm f******, and want to just be really selfish & obviously chicks aren't really down with all that, ha. Once in a while there's a chick I can get really dirty with, but when I blow my load it's not the same as watching p*** & edging my d***. When you go for a long time rubbing one out it's almost like tripping or something, after a couple/few hours you get that almost out of body thing that happens, where your d*** is all that matters, and it makes you want to find more and more p*** that takes it a little further, then a little further, and it just goes on & on like that & you do whatever your d*** tells you too - like I said originally it's not really a problem to me, I like it this way - when I was younger it was all about p**** & getting laid & all that, but now it's pretty much just about my b**** no matter where I am or what I'm doing - even when I'm out somewhere I'll find a spot, public or semi-public, get myself hard, j*** off for a little bit, might not blow a load, but love the way my d*** feels in my hand, love the way it feels, def hardcore into it.

  • It's crazy because sometimes I think about that. I enjoy jerking off that I wonder if I will ever find someone who can satisfy me better than myself. I j*** off everyday. Sometimes 2-3 times a day. But I don't watch too much p***. And if I do watch p***, it has to be user submitted. I had the industry stuff, unless it has a movie plot to it. other than that, I like real situations. Things that are really happening and folks grab a camera to record. lol. But I am completely satisfied with jerking off sometimes. I get laid often, but sometimes will turn a girl or guy down just to go home and j*** off. Most times its just so I don't have to deal with another person, I can just c** and go to sleep. lol.

  • Well, how big are you? Are u thick? If you are, yummy

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