Accidentily on Purpose Pregnancy

So i had wanted a Baby for so long... but i didnt want to do IVF or go to a sperm bank... i wanted to know what the guy looks like and wanted to get prego for free... so there was this real hot guy that I really liked... We started having s** and seeing each other secretly... He was with someone else though and I knew he wasnt going to leave her... He is really cute though and I wanted a Baby... So I secretly started taking FertilAid pills to increase my fertility to up my chances of getting prego sooner... I also told him that I was on bcps... I even got bcps from the doctor and would take one out of the pack per day when he wasnt looking and wrap it in toilet paper then flush it down the toilet... then i would leave the pills on the counter to falsely reassure him that i was taking them... i also did anything he wanted in bed and told him i loved feeling him c** all over my insides... most of the time he would c** inside me... well as luck would have it, about 1 and a half months after we started sleeping together, i got prego! i didnt find out until about 2 weeks later though... i was so happy! i got my Baby finally! and i got to use his good genes for my Baby! i told him my bcps failed and he was the dad and he was really upset and didnt want us to do stuff together anymore... he even wanted me to get an abortion but i told him i wasnt doing that and nothing he does or says would change my mind... he didnt want to be with me anymore... we werent even really ever together anyway cuz he was with someone else... that was fine with me though cuz i already got what i wanted... My Baby!!! that will surely teach him to stop being a womanizer! i am now happily pregnant with my wonderful Baby!!!

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  • It is not all her fault. Men should never take the word of a woman about birth control. That is also the chance he took having s** and c****** inside here. Don't want the chance of that happening then wear a condom or pull out. Good luck with your baby and I hope you are both healthy and happy.

  • What is the use of confession if people keep on commenting hate messages. Somebody's posting a confession because something is bothering them deep down and they want to get rid of it to live peacefully. Please guys be considerate. It's like confessing inside church and then priest suddenly coming out of his box and start cursing the confessant.

  • wow your fuked up.... just another fuking b**** though i guess. your a deviant w****, your actions are cold calculated and disgusting if i ever heard a child will grow up without a father, hope your happy and im sure you are you selfish fuking witch!!! and by the way you call him a womaniser but your worse because you knew he had a girlfriend, your homewrecking scum. i hope your kid causes you alot of trouble, and being a single parent will be hard b**** and it will be hard for you to find a guy wants to be with you because you have a kid unless hes using you for s** or he wants s** with your kid so the jokes on you lol f** you and the real father he is a c*** aswell f** him, fuking coward. make him pay for his kid!

  • Thats really messed up that you lied and did all that, you're a b****. I hope someday you have s** with some guy and he tells you he couldnt c** but really he c*** in you and gets you pregnant when you dont want to be.

  • Congratulations, you are a lying w****. I hope your infant dies in your womb and you kill yourself after long suffering from depression.

  • ok a bit far, i agree this b**** needs punished but its not the kids fault. hope the kid isnt fuked up like her though.

  • Despite all the criticism and accusations, this is just an example -- a really excellent example -- of a young girl using what she's got to get what she wants. She's a role model: more young girls should do what she's doing.

  • i dont think so you fuking piece of s*** , they all do i guess anyway a******....all innocent to the eye but there is always a rotting corpse under that carpet!!!

  • I'm sorry, but if you ask me, this whole thing is just f****** HOT.

  • agree

  • its hot.....well you baffle me you moron ape b******. both of you. its a s***** fuked up story.

  • Troll.

  • one s*** begets another....pass it on, b****

  • girl......if your man is married you totally need to blackmail his ass.....dont you let him hit and knock it up and not pay the fare. you need to get yours. that baby is gonna cost.

  • uh-huh - then you can answer charges of blackmail (a criminal offense) after you are charged by law enforcement, if the guy decides to throw the dice (which, in this case, would be a very wise thing to do). Perhaps your little friend anonymous
    (see posting re "girl...) would be willing to ante up for your defense, but I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you.

  • this is hes actually gonna go to the cops............

  • Please, people: "blackmail"? It's only blackmail if the guy isn't paying for something he's responsible for anyway, and here, he's responsible anyway for the costs of having and raising his illegitimate child. It's just a question of whether he wants to do that in private or in public, and the OP would be giving him the choice. That's nowhere near blackmail. She's just getting what she's entitled to; less than that, if you want to be accurate.

  • Now, now, the poor man clearly got abused by the op and her selfish desire for a child. To ask him to pay for it would be purely tasteless.

  • yes this homewrecking w**** fooled him, shes entitled to a fuking beating off the girl she fuked over and nothing more, at the same time i think the guy should pay because hes a fuking snake in the grass and a coward for leaving the child.

  • Congratulations! I think it's wonderful, and I wish more women had the sort of strength of character, planning skills and foresight that you have. It would be lovely if the father would find a way to come back to you, to participate (silently) in the child's upbringing, and to be a discreet sexual partner to you, throughout the pregnancy and beyond, but if that's not important to you, then I hope you find another man for that role, perhaps even one (if you find him soon enough, of course) that you could convince HE was the father, and then be vague or "confused" about the conception date (or claim that the baby was premature). Either way, good job and good luck!

  • im sure this w**** would let another guy think the kid is his and im sure u dont need to tell her because im sure this cow thought it up the moment the real father dumped her calculated lying ass, and shame on you for encouraging this sort of immoral behaviour you fiendish motherfuker! i bet your a woman you twist up!

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