In 2008 my wife & I went to NY,as we usually do over the holidays,to visit her sister & family.
Her sister had a 19 yo (at that time) adopted son who was German/Spanish. My wife & her sister are Asian.
At their new years eve party John began making comments about wanting to "kiss aunt Rose at midnight" and such. I played it off as he had a young boys crush on her as for several years he'd always been affectionate towards her.y wife & I had been married 5 years at the time,no kids,and I thought we had a pretty good marriage.
During the party,there were about 40 people there,I lost track of Rose & when I looked for her I couldn't find her....or John.
I went to the upstairs bedroom where John's room was but the door was locked.It was at the end of the hallway and I began to listen.I heard the sound of the bedspring & low moans & groans from inside the room and I began to get nervous.
I couldn't believe it could be happening so I went back down looking for her.
After about 30 minutes I finally came across her in the kitchen. I noticed that John was in there also.
A few days later Rose announced to me in our car that John was coming to stay with us & "look at some colleges" near where we lived in Georgia. He'd just finished community college in NY.
He came to visit us during spring break.
I came home from work early on the second day he was in our house & I walked in on Rose riding on top of John in our bedroom.His hands held her ass & she was moaning so ludly that it ,I am embarrassed to admit,turned me on. All I could do was watch.Johns hands roamed all over my wifes body and she pressed her mouth against his passionately.More passion than she had ever shown for me.
That night,at dinner,Rose told me that John would be "living with us" while he attended college.She also said that since his parents were in financial difficulty that we would help pay for it.When I objected she told me that it was going to happen.She'd never been so adamant about anything before like she was that night.
That evening she left our bedroom & went to his.I could hear them.It was the bedroom right next to ours.I was so ashamed & afraid to confront her over it.I could not believe it was happening at the time.
A few months later,after going into his bedroom nightly almost every night,she told me that I would move into the guestroom because I "was disturbing her sleep".
I told her I wouldn't do that. When I came home from work that afternoon John was f****** Rose right on our bed.He looked at me as I watched form the doorway and told me "move your s*** out tonight" and laughed as he f***** my wife.he was half my age & I knew that he could kick my ass easily.
I moved into the guestroom that night and ,now, I m********* each time I hear them making love in there.Rose told me that she wants to stay married when I asked her .She said that she knows John will move out someday & that he has lots of other girls but she "likes big ones".She's told me that she intends to take another lover after John graduates and leaves.I am so humiliated but turned on just the same.

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  • Sounds made up

  • Move on from her. You know you deserve better.

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