I really love her more than life itself

I love her and only her. She's engaged with two children (that I love) so she can never know. She's also one of my best friends in the world. I'd probably commit suicide if she wasn't in my life. She's literally the reason I wake up each day. The chance to see her, talk to her, text her, whatever. She's the most perfect woman in the world and she doesn't know it. I've known her since 2005-2006 and I still get shivers and get butterflies when I see her in 2014. She's the one, but she's my best friend's fiance. I wish her nothing but happiness. KM, you are everything any human being could ever want, and I'll sincerely love you until the day I meet my maker.

Aug 24, 2014

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  • You want a perfect woman; everyone does. You know that a perfect woman (just like a perfect man) doesn't exist; everyone does. So you assign the qualities of perfection to this woman who you know is beyond reach, and then you leave her beyond reach. You want to be the noble, but tortured, "true" love of this woman, who is also your "true" love, all in deep secret. You've created a fantasy and are attempting to live in it. But you can't. And ultimately, the inability to "live the dream" will create so much internal conflict that you will either snap, or fall into depression. Or . . . you'll grab yourself by the b**** and pull yourself out of this fantasy world, find an imperfect woman WHO YOU CAN HAVE, develop a normal (which is to say "imperfect") and healthy relationship with her, and stop grasping at the mist and vapor of this unattainable goal. You're harming yourself and your psyche. And your heart.

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