Tired of the race card

I am SO f****** tired of hearing black people complain about racism and not having enough 'representation' in entertainment.

There will always be f****** racism, not just against black people, but every race because people will never stop being a*******. No one's rights are being affected and while there is still crime against them guess f****** what, there is crime against EVERYONE. Your skin color is not the f****** issue.

I've heard the argument of 'Disney doesn't show race' sooooooo many f****** times that the next time someone says something about it I'm going to slam a VHS tape of every movie with a non-white character against the side of their f****** faces.

Just shut up already!

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  • Everyone is racist

  • I'm assuming you aren't black so you have no idea how it feels to walk in a black body. Complain about history that's what you should complain about. Racism can end if we educate people like yourself who obviously have no f****** clue. Get the f*** over yourself dude.

  • Whaa whaa whaa "you have no idea how it feels to walk in a black body." You just proved OP's point. Like they said, ALL RACES are discriminated against by somebody. It's not just race, either.

    Humans are dickbags to each other, and whiny fuckwits like you who think you're the only ones who can ever know what oppression is like need to sit your self-centered a$$es down and actually look at the world around you. Think you can do that? Or are you MAGAT-level incapable of doing anything except whining and playing victim?

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