Stepdaughter from he'll

My step daughter has been trying to sabatoge my and her dad relationship for ten years, thank god she trend 18 this year and now the little b**** is out of my house and isn't welcome back we were at a family function having a great time and then calls her dad the next day and tells him I threatened her and she was scared, I would no more threaten any child and she's a child, nor would I tell someone I'm going to punch them in the face, it's like really..we'll I told her she was a liar and why when we were having fun would she make up such things. We'll she told me she hated me and for me to loose her number I said no problem, and of course her dad doesn't say a f. Ing thing to her and I told him she has pushed it to far this time and she's not welcome in MY house anymore and this might be the last straw for my marriage

Jun 23, 2015

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  • I'm sorry but your husband is wrong to not have said anything. He doesn't draw boundaries with his daughter, whatever his reasons might be. You have two choices: leave this marriage so you don't have to deal with your stepdaughter and her spineless dad, or you have to tolerate her hate for the rest of your marriage. So unless you can't afford to leave, leave.

  • Sometimes......the b****** just need a beating....

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