So I graduated this year, but I'm still living with my parents. They say their house their rules. Which means no dating. I go to an extremely conservative church which means no kissing till marriage. I went on a youth trip and me and one of the guys were totally crushing on each other. It's been four weeks since that trip and every time we see each other we get smiley and bubbly, but still haven't broken any rules. My best friend thinks that he's really hot and I'm kinda getting the vibe that she likes him. I think she is angry that he's returning my affection but has never returned hers. So she had her dad call my dad and tell him that me and this guy were getting too close to see to each other. My dad said he likes the guy but doesn't trust him. My dad also stated to be that he knew I didn't like him. I didn't lie but I didn't correct him either. I really need to talk to my guy and let him know what's going on and how we can further this relationship, but it's going to be tricky to talk to him without someone noticing and I'm not allowed to text him. My phone gets randomly checked. What the h*** do I do?

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  • What Jesus taught is; do not have s** when you are not married. See 1 Cor. 5 and 6. If you love this guy enough to marry him explain to your parents. As long as you live with them, you can still "obey those rules" and get married and enjoy your husband. Marriage is not all about s**; it's about companionship. And dating is not s**.

  • Supporting/encouraging others,to decide on what choices,suits their lifestyle and personal circumstances,is great.But preaching to others,on your own personal beliefs and morals,isn't supportive,its dictatorship!!
    Don't encourage people to follow your personal doctrines and beliefs,support/encourage them,to choose what's right for them.

  • Get a job and move out. ASAP.

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