I like him as a person, not as a potential father..

I broke up with my bf 13months ago, I wanted to be by myself.so with that being said this month I decided to take care of my needs with a long time friend. That was like early this month and I haven't had a period since.which is weird for me because I'm every 3weeks like clockwork. I'm not scared to have a kid . Im financially ready to have a child but, my friend it's not my ideal mate.he is a a****** towards kids of all ages. His personality is a little rough around the edges but in all he is a good person . But I don't see fatherly traits. So do of I am pregnant do I tell him or raise this kid on my own.

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  • Time to call Maury.

  • I want a woman like you

  • It may be best to find out if you're pregnant or not and then go from there. But I think he has the right to know if he's the father..and your child has the right to know his/her father. And you never know, this guy may step it up and be a great father..doesn't mean you have to marry him. But if you're not, why don't you use some birth control nexttime so you don't have to ask these questions...

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