Home wrecker or murderer?

There is this guy supporting me who works in the city but lives a little bit out of the state in a small town. We fell in love. We had s** and now I'm pregnant. Either I have the kid and ruin his marriage and my future or kill it and have him leave me and be a murderer. He thinks it's going to be a boy so he really wants me to have it. I don't know what to do I'm only 18 I don't want a kid right now. I do love him and I don't think he's going to just leave me. But he has 2 daughters with his wife and I've met both of them while babysitting for him during the summer. I know they're probably going to hate me now. What did I do to my life?

Jun 15, 2012

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  • Lots of comments from pathetic whores here. You are second place, deal with it. And I hope you didn't have the kid, what a waste of time doing that for some cheating douche would be. He used you. Plain and simple. I hope he didn't use up your whole life as well.

  • Please keep your man. Please keep you baby. Please make a family with them. Please be together whenever you can. Please be happy all the time. You're a good person, and you're going to make a good partner for your man, and a good mother for your baby, and a wonderful core for your family (and don't let anyone EVER tell you that yours isn't a family, or is a lesser family, just because he already has one: neither thing is true!). Best wishes.

  • there are lots of women just like you, just your age, who are living lives outside of normal marriages but what they have are still every bit a marriage and maybe even more than that and maybe even more special. those girls are involved with men who love them more than they love their own "normal" families, just like your man loves you and the baby youre making together even more than he loves his conventional wife and daughters: you know that is true and you feel it every time he walks in your door. society and religion will tell you what youre doing is wrong, but THAT is whats wrong. YOU are the one who is right. live your life. love your man. love your baby. dont let either one go. be a family. be his favorite wife and the mother of his favorite child.

  • honey.......your not a homerecker or a murder. your just a girl who is in love with a man. it doesnt need to be dramatic just let it be what it is. if you think your ready for a baby, have it. otherwise, abort it. either way is perfectly okay and you dont have to worry yourself to death over it. enjoy yourself.

  • It's so hot what you're doing. And you're living out every babysitter's dream, to fall in love with the dad and start having a relationship with him, and then have a family of your very own. I had that dream, with this one father of the child I was sitting for (and kind of sort of nanny for), but I could never get him to do anything when we were alone. You're lucky and you have a great relationship. Please don't let him get away. Please?

  • You didn't do anything to your life, other than fall in love. Love is wonderful and you found it, and that's wonderful. You're just faced with a difficult choice. If you want your man (and yes, he's YORS, no matter what the law says, no matter what the wife says, and no matter what happens: he clearly cares more about you than that wife), you need to tell him that and ask --- not demand, but ask --- him to leave his family, for you and the baby that the two of you will have. You're entitled to ask, and you should. If he says yes, then you shouldn't be embarrassed about the fact that he found somebody he wanted more than the woman he's living with and decided to leave: you didn't make him do that, and though the daughters and the wife will make you the convenient scapegoat, it's really HIS fault, not yours. If he says no, then you simply have to decide whether you're willing to raise a love child without a fulltime father in the house (though it appears he'd still be carrying on the affair and supporting the child), but with the comforting knowledge that you wouldn't be the first girl to ever do that. [I think that would be a very, VERY sexy arrangement, but that's just me.] Or you'd have to chose to abort, with the similar knowledge that many others have done the same in the same situation: it is NOT MURDER, no matter what the moralizing a-holes tell you. Society defines it correctly.

    I wish you luck, with your choices and with your relationship.

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