Girls in high school used to make fun of me because I was still a virgin at 17. "Saving it for a blue prince" they use to tell me. Having done nothing sexual with boys, was not the right thing to confess to your class mates. The b****** even told boys to embarrass me even more. I hated parties because they were always setting me up with some boy. Felt like I was always the girl to f*** and used the pre-summer vacation party to humiliated me. These evil girls lured me into back bedroom and had two boys forced oral s** on me. "Want to see a naked virgin" they asked them as they exposed my t***, lifted my skirt, took my panties off and laid there getting my t*** sucked and p**** licked. The amazing thing was that I didn't scream for fear of attracting others. Just laid feeling a hot tongue flicking my c*** and the other suck on my hard nipples. As humiliating as it was, I still couldn't avoid having an embarrassing o***** that seemed to go on forever. Never went further than that and kept my cherry, because they both were to embarrassed about pulling out the d****. I think if girls wouldn't have been there, I sure I would have ended sucking d****. At least everyone out there were dancing to loud music and no one ever found out I was getting drill back there.

Aug 29, 2014

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