Children in advertising

Every time a company uses children to promote their products and services (regardless of targeted market), I pray for another school shooting to happen somewhere.

Children and advertising; two of the most annoying and cancerous things in our society has been combined into a larger and worse monster which I call "Marketing pedophilia". This I define as the use of children to promote products and services regardless of targeted market. Children are being overused to promote businesses to the point where they are being used to promote dating services (Eharmony). This "marketing pedophilia" has gotten so bad and so common in the advertising industry, that it will not surprise me to one day see children promoting stuff like s** toys.

I don't know what else to say to vent off my anger and annoyance of this s***. I despise advertising (Thank god for Adblock) and I despise children, so I'll end this rant here.

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  • Fail troll

  • Dude your the f***** up one you pray for another school shooting really ??
    There is nothing wrong when kids do ads WTF is wrong with you !

  • There is a problem when children are used to promote products which they should absolutely have no involvement with. What involvement should a kid have with Eharmony? They shouldn't have any involvement in any products/services that are strictly for adults, not even promoting it. It's unprofessional, tasteless, and annoying.

    We live in a society that is so child-obsessed, that it borders on pedophilia. And when you hate children and are subjected to the bullshit about children wherever you go, you'd wish for extremes.

    I really don't want a school to get shot up, I'm just sick of the child-obsession that has plagued our society.

  • Ok your opinion is noted, I hope you feel better now that you let it out, now chill out because your not gonna change anyone's opinion lest of all the worlds... and pedophiles are good people! it's the rapists and molesters that are the bad people...

  • 1. You're an a******.
    2. Children are kind of f****** necessary for the continuation of civilization.
    3. Children promoting s** toys? Seriously?

  • 1. F*** you, I'm sick of children and people's bullshit about them being shoved in my face the all the time

    2. That is true, but that doesn't mean EVERYTHING has to revolve around children

    3. With how crazy advertising has become with children, it is to be expected in the future. H***, they've even shown honey boo boo playing with a vibrator as if it were a microphone

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