Any Race or Marital Status in Fine With Me

Since my early 20’s, I have had s** with women of diverse marital statuses and races. It was an endless turn on for me that a married woman or a woman of a different race would actually have s** with me. I would meet them at work, bars, online, etc. Most of them would actually ask me out and I loved that. To this day, I am mostly interested in a woman who shows interest in me first.
I started being consumed by only being interested in married women. I knew they did not demand much time from me and only could see me occasionally and it was perfect. All they seemed to want was good s**.
I remember three women specifically that changed my thinking about loyalty. One was a white woman I worked with. One day she noticed me talking with her white girlfriend, and co-worker and must not have been thrilled. She later talked to me privately and said, “you know my friend is a married woman". Henceforth, she worked hard to make sure I did not get with her friend. I later started having s** with her almost everywhere in town. I was an undergraduate student then but did not know how to type. She would ask me to drive almost an hour away to her house so that she can type my papers. Before typing, we would have s** in her bedroom while hubby was at work. I never knew she was married until the first day I arrived at her house and she told me. It was ironic because she discouraged me from talking to her friend, who was "married".
The second white woman was married and lived near me. We met online, she was also much older than I was, and had married a high school sweetheart after college. They had grown kids. She would even drive to my apt in the middle of the night even in snow. She would mostly be wearing a warm mink coat and nothing underneath. I would leave the patio door unlocked for her and she would walk right in and wake me up. She sure loved the s**. Then one day I asked her why she was cheating on her man of so many years. She cried and told me that he had become diabetic and could no longer satisfy her sexually and was neglecting himself.
A third woman lived 4 hours drive away but worked in my city. She was white, tall and had beautiful long brownish black hair. She was a few years older than I was and had kids in their late teens. Hubby had a successful business. I met her at a bar called Toby’s on the Lake the night Princess Diana died. As I walked into this bar, I noticed her tall self and our eyes locked. She talked to me later and I ended up taking her home that night, which also turned me on (I honestly adore women who give me s** right away). We continued having s** for a long time after that night. She had an apt in the city for the week and could go to her home to her family for weekends. She spent lots of time at my apartment and would talk to her hubby and never indicate that she was not at her apt. She was mature, confident, and so sexually unselfish. When I asked her why she was cheating, she said her marriage had fallen apart and she was waiting for her kids to get out of high school and get a divorce.
I lost touch with these women long before I moved out of state. They were both very caring, unselfish to me, mature, had good husbands and homes. They just lacked something essential in their homes and lives and I seemed to be a good source of it or shoulder for each of them to cry on. They had great respect for me and I had the same for them. I do not believe they cheated for the sake of it; it was out of shear necessity.
I am not justifying their conduct but, I had long conversations with each of them and it seemed like husbands were older, working a lot, or not around sexually. However, the women worked a lot too and were both very good providers. This is what frightened me about marriage and loyalty; in both cases, the husband trusted the wife immensely, the woman gave no indication of infidelity, each had been married a long time (the first and 2nd had sons in their 20s), am sure none of the hubbies would have suspected that the wife was having s** with a younger black man (two of the women were born, raised, and lived in fairly small rural cities with little exposure to black men).
I learned that life is complex; never judge books by their covers, when needs are not met human beings can be creative in satisfying the unmet needs. Trusting a spouse too much is detrimental. Now when I meet a woman who tells me that she is married, I always wonder, is she cheating or could she? However, I know that everything has a silver lining; there are still faithful partners and cheating, depending on context, is not always bad and therefore, may not be construed as cheating.

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