I am an Agnostic Pro-Theist. Everyone has the right to make up their minds when it come to the "Big Question".

I will never respect people like Chris Hitchens and Bill Maher. I hate people who believe that getting rid of religion will end all wars, bring man closer together, and cure cancer. I also hate how atheists go around wear those "Fiction" shirts and expect no negative feedback.

Now I do find the religious to be a bit unbearable at times. Folks who say the have a personal relationship with God are kind of hard to take seriously. God is the creator of all existence, I don't think he has time for you, Ed Thompson. And as for Westboro...F*** EM!

I only have a serious beef with the "knowers of the truth"! You know, the EXTREME atheists who say that everyone who's not an atheist is a retarded fascist redneck who supports pedophilia and rape. Their out there and they are the crazy ones in this situation. The people on this list include:
-Penn Jillette
-TJ Kirk, The "Amazing" Athiest
-Jaclyn Glenn
-Your Fine-Ass Mother
-D*** Dawkins

So...yeah f*** those guys and be nice to each other.

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  • My religion is to; treat people like I want to be treated,with respect and love :) x

  • You're weak and scared of death

  • F*** you humans would be in such a better state without retards like you

  • Yeah, they annoy me too. But you need to ignore them. They're just idiots who like to go around boasting about how they're smarter than everyone else. They're not worth the effort...

  • I really do have a personal relationship with God. When I pray, He speaks to me. I know you don't believe me. And nothing I can put into words will ever match the experience, if you were to try it with an open mind.

    A lot of religions - not just Christianity - include rules about "spreading the word". Some people believe that if they don't try to convert nonbelievers, then they aren't doing their job.

  • But the more you try to convert nonbelievers, the more they b****. The more they b****, the more people listen. The more people that listen, the more nonbelievers there will be. I have nothing against converting to either side, It's a part of life. My problem is with one side getting so p***** that they want to wage war on the other side and destroy them to make sure that no one converts to them ever again. Theism has been talking like this for years. Atheists seem angry enough try it. I don't want to see either side die! I know someone will have beef with that, but it's not necessary to kill religion or atheism. I've been reading articles from both sides, and they've had enough of the fighting. The only ones keeping this war alive are the big name atheists (Penn, David Silverman, Bill Maher, Harris, and Dawkins) and the Catholic Church. (even though Pope Francis said he doesn't care if people are atheists)

  • Remember - the most vocal people on both sides get the media attention, but they represent a very small percentage of the whole. The silent majority is a real thing. The vast majority of people don't give a s*** what other people think. Silverman and Maher and the others are entertainers. They get paid to be provocative. They aren't changing anyone's minds - just getting people to pay to listen to their thoughts.

    Same thing is true for political talkers as well, like Rush and Hartmann. And anyone in the media, when you think about it. The most controversial they are, the more their name gets on the air, the higher their paychecks go.

  • Ha, could have been something I wrote myself - agree almost 100% buddy. ESPECIALLY Westboro Baptist, such a bunch of dickholes.

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