She's a Secret lesbian

I fell in love with a girl I never knew anything about name,age, etc. I met her during summer I was 14 at the time going on 15. My mom would always go to the gym early mornings. One day I decided to o with her and thee she was long black perfect hair with almond like black eyes and a smile to die for with deep CHEECK dimples smooth baby skinned legs and toned legs. She greeted me and from that day we both made a eye connection. It all started with a 30 second gaze the gym was my daily thing since I noticed her. I didn't know her name, if she was still in school, when her birthday was she was a complete stranger. I felt all tingly inside when I saw her coming out of the stalls coincidently at the time I came out from kickboxing class we'd stare into eachothers soul and I smiled like a r*****. Weeks later I had the guys to "approach". But there she stood giving a guy her number her friends noticed I felt sad and jealous but didn't show it she tried so hard to grab my attention but never did I turn to look at her once more. The next day she was nowhere to be found. Months,days,weeks,years went by and nothing from her. After 2 whole years I was growing up 16 highschool ladies girl who always seemed to attract older woman. I'd always notice her in the gym after years and she captivated me we still held a connection but it was a secret I saw her almost everywhere now I'm 18 graduate of h.s two scholarships D.C & N.Y she still stays silent about feelings but I know what she feels it all goes back to her almond shaped eyes and deep dimples long black perfect hair. Perfect waiste and curves she's perfection but I know she's something I can't have what's crazy is I know for a fact she's a secret lesbian (: life .....

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