My BIG confession...

As a Young girl(about 7) I grew up in a horrible Place. I guess most call it the hood. My dad was in jail at the time for doing drugs and my mom always treated me like s***. (I am white we grew in an black neighborhood.) Me, my mom and siblings a year later moved. We moved to a place more safe and a school with people like me. I met A kid named Riley. He was nice at the time. (at this time i am 12) my parents never told me right people from wrong, I never watched the news and i didnt know much except for the rumors at my old school. Riley was in highschool i was in seventh grade. I never judged people from size age or looks. Riley was very attractive though he had a few piercings and black emo hair. I guess he was a crush but i never had a boyfriend. I myself have black and neon green wavy hair, dimples and my nose pierced. I started hanging with riley more since he lived only a couple miles from me. one night I went to his house and his mom answered in tears. She said to me "Nikki, right now isnt the time" I asked her if she is okay and said to go up to rileys room. I listened and went up. there was riley. He had his wrists cut and all b*****. I bent down and shook him a little. Tears ran down my eyes. I heard sirens from a distance. His eyes opened slightly. The first thing I said was why. But instantly he just shook his head and smiled. I kissed him because I loved him. and by then the ambulance took him away. I asked to come in with him but i had to wait. That morning i got a phone call that ended my world. Riley Is no longer here. At that point i wanted to no longer live. The day before this happend me and riley had unpretected s**. He was my world. My other half. I never found out why he killed himself. Was it me? All i know is the doctor gave me one last message from him. it was I love you. I am now 13 and 16 weeks pregnant and this baby is the only thing that is keeping me living. My mother has started drinking and doesnt care that im pregnant or even ask who or what happend. I know in young, and you could say i dont know what love is. But In my heart I will always remember him. Rest in peace: Riley<3 Ill be with you soon.


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  • your a strong strong person this storty brought me to tears good luck with everything :)

  • You are truly a strong person, to live for your baby, because your baby is a part of Riley too. Keep moving forward =)

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