Wife at School

My wife is an English teacher at one of the local high schools and just started teaching out of college just three years ago. She's young and fit since she was a runner and tennis player at university, so she has great legs. Anyway, she knows they call her the "hot blondie" behind her back and we both laugh at that. But before this school term started, we arrived to get her new classroom ready and there were student volunteers there to assist.
They were in the hall near her door and I was curious what they had to say about her, so I asked them. They were nervous at first, but I told them I was just one of her friends who had a crush on her. They told me they had her last year and loved taking upskirt pictures of her with their cell phones. That wasn't that hard since she tends to wear dresses and skirts to work. He showed me one on his phone of her from behind as she bent over to look at something on another student's desk. There was her yellow bikini panties on display.
They had a couple more of her pink ones and one of her white panties.
I have to admit I was turned on. I haven't told her about it and I don't know if I will. I still think that's hot.

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  • Don't tell her. Or tell her when they graduate ;).

    Boys will be boys ;-)

  • My older sister is the "Hot Teacher" at her school. The boys love her, get in gropes, hugs, the occasional up or downshirt feel, and sometimes kiss her. She's ok with all of it, takes it all in fun as long as they don't get too rough with her or are seen. Will encourage certain behaviors or grade improvements by wearing tight or low-cut tops, or very short (one in particular..it's nearly a micro) skirt in the classroom. Has been a shorts and low-cut tank top tutor for many.

    She knows they take pics of her all the time, lets it happen, and often says they're going to take pics of me bending over or walking by no matter where I am, so, why not give them what they want? All she asks, when talking to any of the boys about it, is no video, and, no face. Knows they're mostly after T&A, and her amazing, dancer-like legs, but doesn't want her face seen on photos.

    I've seen several pics, mostly from a student who's the brother of one of my friends, and, have to say..These boys have a good eye, and do take pics of her in all sorts of positions, contortions, flipping her hair back, and downshirt shots. I think it's hot that she's so good with it.

  • She is quite aware she's flashing everyone and that they're snapping pictures for their own personal pleasure.
    This is what she is thinking about when she's home alone masturbating!

  • Maybe she knows full well they're getting a free show. Women know damn well what they're doing especially when it comes to showing off their legs.

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