Mother-in-Law Yardwork

One time I was at my mother-in-laws house helping her with yardwork. After we were done my back was a little tight and sore. She offered to give me a back massage which I turned down at first but did eventually accept. She had me remove my shirt and then told me to take my pants off. She saw my hesitation and asked if I had underwear on. I told her I did and she said I wouldn't be naked and to just do it. She could see I was still hesitant and told me it make it easier getting to my lower back and added it wasn't like we were going to have s** or anything like that. I eventually ended up in just my underwear and lay down on a couch. She slowly began to rub my back and it felt very good and relaxing. Soon she found her way to my lower back and told me she was going to adjust my underwear. Basically what she did was to pull them down a little. They then came down a little more until she decided to just pull them all the way down and off me. The massage felt great and I was not too worried about my lack of clothing. She was seeing my backside naked and I really didn't mind her seeing me that way. She hadn't made any sexual advances or comments other than removing my underwear. She continued with my back massage until she said she was done and if I wanted my front done to roll over. She told me it was up to me if I wanted her to do my front and added she hoped to see what she had never seen before. I thought about what she just said and didn't know if she meant what I thought she meant. When she said she really wanted to see my goods so she could see for herself what her daughter had told her about me, I knew she really meant what I thought. I knew I shouldn't have but I was aroused by her interest in seeing me and rolled onto my back. I was now fully exposed to her and she continued my massage. I had an erection and she made a comment about how I seemed to be enjoying the massage a little too much but it didn't stop her from continuing. She then took matters into her own hands, so to speak, and began to handle my goods. I was just laying there as my MIL was giving me a hand job. I should have stopped her but I let her continue until she gave me an o*****. I couldn't believe what just happened and was both feeling good and embarassed by what my MIL just saw and did to me. I guess I didn't feel so embarassed to never have it happen again because it did and may times too. So far my wife doesn't know about any of it and my MIL has moved from just giving me hand jobs to oral as well. She has mentioned about doing something more and has shown me what she has in mind by lifting her skirt and showing me a pantiless spot where she wants a part of me to be put. It shouldn't happen but I know it will so I figure to just enjoy the pleasure.

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  • Dude you lucky, go after that and get that c*** in 2 generations

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