Does anyone remember Debra Lefavre

Does anyone remember Debra Lefavre (sp??)The young 26 yo HOT teacher from Florida busted for banging a male student. Wow... I have a thing for her. I wish I had been the 15 year banging her...Her gorgeous blue eyes, flowing blonde hair, her tanned skin and even though I never got to see them, I can imagine her gorgeous feet and painted toes.....I would do that chick over and over. Why couldn't I have ever been that lucky? I would NEVER have gotten caught with her, the s** would be too much of an awesome thing to lose, I would have made sure to keep it a secret, but only because once you talk, well, you know, word spreads...The sad thing for the 15 year old boy was that perhaps she's going to be hottest chick he ever does. It's kinda hard to top her.......::))

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  • Sorry, it's only a fantasy.
    Sorry, it's only a fantasy.
    Sorry, it's only a fantasy. Sorry, it's only a fantasy.

  • to the dispatcher, damn how lucky are you? by the way are you a man or woman? talk about being in the right place at the right time!

  • Sorry, it's only a fantasy.

  • I've actually seen her in person. I was working dispatch at the station where she was first detained. I kind of witnessed something that was not right at all. I can say this here because it's since been revealed to the general public anyway. That kid had given a statement to us, which I personally transferred into the computer, and included was his descriptions of certain parts of her body...genitals, pubic hair pattern, b******, tan lines, etc. So anyway 4 male officers and 1 female officer took her into a private room so they could verify if the kid's description's were accurate, or if he was making it all up, by the way I really didn't feel as if this was necessary. In my dispatch room there were 5 monitors that had views of 3 holding cells, the room they took Debra into, and 1 was on the front entrance to the station. I didn't have a clear view of what was happening the whole time because of the way the officers were positioned in front of her, but I could tell what was going on and had audio as well. They told her to strip, and I couldn't believe what I was hearing. She was very apprehensive to do so, but she realized she had no choice. If she didn't they would do it for her, and they would've. There were only a few brief moments where I was able to catch a glimpse of her naked body, plus the cameras were not the best of quality and they were black and white as well. I heard lots of yelling and screaming, from the officer's and her. I couldn't and still can't get over the things they were making her do. They were telling her she had to put her feet in stirrups, just like at the doctor's office and spread her legs open so they could see her genitals. She absolutely refused to do so, so they forced her to. 2 officers were holding her down while 2 more forced her legs apart. During this I could see her feet up in the air and parts of her legs and that was all. She of course was screaming "no!" and "you have no right!" the entire time. The whole ordeal lasted about 10 min. and I was in shock for the remainder of my shift. I couldn't believe what I had just witnessed. Nobody really spoke of it after that. Weeks later I was able to locate and view the photos that were taken of her genitals. I had access to the entire database of file photos and records. The public could actually obtain copies of said photos, but I don't think anyone ever did, not many people know that they have that right...well at least in the state of Florida anyway.

  • This is the same guy that always posts crap about painted toe nails

  • I just saw her the other day on the news- the b**** has gone to h***. Not only has she packed on twenty pounds, she looks strung out. So much for her 'glory days'.

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