Can't stop........

I been banging one of my wife's girlfriends she's known since middle school. The woman was a bridesmaid in our wedding 8 years ago. We have been lovers since mid2015 and the last 6mos we been hitting it harder than ever. We also been taking more chances. It's all getting out of control. I know we need to stop because it's likely to destroy more than just the 2 immediate families, but I can't stop it because the s** is just too f****** good (you cannot imagine how good this woman is in bed.......christ). And she won't stop it, because she's not getting s** at home. Ending this lunacy is my New Year's Resolution, but I don't know how to end it: I want this woman too bad and she tells me constantly that I can have her any time I want her.

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  • I am a man who has banged many married women over the years. This guy is doing what most married women love to do,cheat. If he did not sleep with this woman,someone else will. He is simply enjoying what the two of them deserve. His wife could be doing the same thing discreetly.

  • Totally true. Totally.

  • Not, totally true! Only in your opinion it is, but that doesn't mean it is!

  • If I could do to my wife's first cousin what you've been doing with yours best friend, I'd jump at that chance! Keep it going!

  • The girlfriend is not going to turn it loose, believe me. She's got you under her s** spell, and she's got you in a compromised position. You may as well just surrender and enjoy the ride.

  • I gotta be honest. My wife has a girlfriend, also a bridesmaid in our wedding a dozen years ago, that I would STILL bang if the opportunity presented itself. You are not alone, my friend, and a lot of us envy you. You should continue the relationship if at all possible. Hammer that woman until you can't or until she won't allow it.

  • Thanks for the support. I appreciate that. And I hope that you get to take a swing at that "other" woman in your life.

  • If you don't have the b**** to confess thus betrayal to your wife, end your marriage, but don't brainwash your wife into believing, it's because of her! You've f***** her over and disrespected her enough, do the right thing and free her from the noose of a marriage, you both have!!

  • I dont plan to try to blame my wife i just planto end it with the freind and not ever tell the wife. i know its not her fault its mine.......but the situation is that its hard for me and for the freind to stop such incredible s** that is the best ever.

  • You've still cheated, even if you don't tell your wife about it and act like everything is fine! You've disrespected your wedding vows and you've shat on your wife's love and trust! If you aren't happy with your s** life at home, discuss these matters with your wife and work on it together, you don't stray close to home and her your disgusting phallus polished by another women, especially not, your wife's (supposed friend!) You had and have, no self control man!! 😤

  • Well, you've already established you're a cheating pig! Where is your loyalty,
    to your wife? Probably wherever, you spill your seed!! But, you aren't the only one to blame. Your wife's friend whom she's known, since they were children, has no female solidarity and loyalty! It's understandable in regards to you, you're a walking d***! But her friend was around, before you was a notion on the scene. Her loyalty should've been, to her friend and not a wet hole for your disgusting phallus of a p****!

  • I actually am loyal except for this one woman she knows.....i have had other chances to cheat but this woman is the only one i have went with.........i totally do NOT regret having made so much love with this woman who needs it sooooooo bad and wants it with me because the s** has been unfuckenbelieveable. jesus!

  • Your definition of "loyalty" is definitely questionable! You're clearly a dumbass, whom is without logic!! Enough said!

  • You really need to break it off with the wife and marry this girl. Anyone that smoking hot and whose abilities in the sack hits you like the strongest of drugs needs to be your wife. You need to be hammering all day and night, and populating the world with maybe a dozen kids or so. Do it, bro.

  • Marriage isn't mandatory and to be honest, it's prehistoric, conventional and old fashioned in my opinion. It's a piece of paper and nothing more.

  • My guess is that if your girlfriend heard you describe your relationship with her as "banging" her, she'd end the relationship for you.

  • Good luck

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