My sister in law

My wife is an absolutely gorgeous woman, athletic, blonde hair and beautiful green eyes and I love her so damn much but there is something I can’t get out of my head. During our wedding shower her sister who is older, she’s about 34 and I’m 28, she’s shorter and thinner with red hair and still very pretty was standing there with her son in about a knee high dress. We were cleaning up from the shower and I turned and saw her in the sunlight and realized that her dress was see through. I saw her tight little ass in a thong, her perky t*** in that bra, and the way her thong fits perfectly between her legs and I could see ever outline of her v*****. After that all I could think about was taking her to the bathroom and rubbing my c*** all over her ass and then banging the h*** out of her.
I feel so guilty about this because when I have s** with my wife she gets me off so good but every now and again that scenario pops in of her sister and then I can’t get it out of my mind for the rest of the day. I think because it’s wrong it’s what turns me on about it but I still know that I could never do that to her seeing as I do love her so much. But even so I don’t think her sister has ever even thought about me in that way. Anyone else have this kind of problem or a decent solution to it?

May 28, 2020

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  • You have to do her.

    Look I’m 48, been married for 24 years. I watched my hubby “watch” my 1/2 sister for years. Shoot I know it was her he wanted when we first met. A couple years after we married we bought a house together and my 1/2 sister and her husband helped us move. She stayed for the week to help “set up” the house.

    She flaunted her body around like a cheap w****. And my hubby couldn’t keep his eyes off her. I told her about it and she said “I know it kinda grosses me out him being your husband and all, but he is soo darn cute.” I told her do what she pleases just don’t kiss and tell. I then went to the store to buy some items.

    I came home and could hear them getting after it. She was moaning so loud. I’ll never forget her saying, “don’t stop! Harder, harder we need to c** again before she comes home”

    I sat there in the den. A few minutes later they walked out of the bedroom. My sister smiled at me. My husband looked like he saw a ghost.

    That night we had the best s** ever. I know they still hook up. When they do I get treated to amazing s**.

    Just do her. But be sure to save some for the wife.

  • I have always been obsessed with my wifes two sisters
    When i was first maried her youngest sister had broke up with her boyfriend and was staying with us.
    Shes 5 foot tall very petite and cute.
    She was 18 or 19 o was 25
    My wife was at work and i was sitting talking to her sister and she said out of the blue if i would make a move she would f*** the h*** out of me she was so h****.
    Well i made the move and we went to bedroom and f***** liked rabbits.
    My wife got home a hour after and everything was good but every time my wife left room or wasn’t looking her sister was looking at me smiling.
    It was no game i had two kids with my wife but
    It was too hard to resist.
    My wife went to get a shower and Jody jumped on me for a quickie while she was gone.
    The next morning my wife was a nurse so she had to be at work at 6 am
    As soon as she pulls out if drive Jody was in bed with me f****** again.
    We f***** all day my oldest son made a comment he was inly 7 at the time anout what we were doing in bedroom.
    Jody spoke up and said playing a game..
    It was a nerve racking week.
    She ended up going back to her bf
    Then he was accusing her of messing with me.
    She told the entire family that I tried to hit on her but nothing happened. Go figure.
    The other sister was the one i was really obsessed with.
    Her ass was enough to make any man hard.

  • I love getting up skirt. 🤭 no joke. Especially when it's older men doing the upskirt.

  • Https://

  • Sometimes the relative lets you have a peek even though she wouldn’t actually do anything WITH you - that was your “peek” (and it was hot). Don’t ever tell the S-i-L what you saw though.

  • Sometimes you need a fantasy that’s not your wife - you’ve got one. Keep it to yourself, use it when you need it but never tell the wife even if “we tell each other everything.”

  • If I`m correct both your blonde wife and her red head sister have both got ginger hair between their legs. Am I right ?
    You must have been tempted to lift the sister`s dress and pull her knickers down !! I`d f*** them both. Have they got nice t*** ?

  • The solution is to never, ever tell your wife that when you're banging her that you are really thinking about her sister. But keep going!

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