An unpopular opinion

Gore and snuff p*** are cancers that need to be criminalized.

I enjoy Japanese cartoon p***(aka hentai), but my problem is that 50% of the s*** I browse upon is this necrophiliac gore p*** that has become too common.

Sometimes when considering this I wonder whether we shouldn't have bombed Japan twice or didn't bomb them enough. But then I realize it wouldn't have mattered because the Japanese have been gore-loving freaks ever since they invented seppuku and s*** like that.

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  • No i know what a furry is and by animal people hybrid im talking about is the torso of a human and body of a random animal-/horse/snake its just stupid and i cant believe theyre censoring me for saying the word cr*p

  • Im into hentai as well mostly breast expansion, weight gain n vore(w.gain) but the crap i see and am 100% against is people that involve tentacles, animal people hybrids, and the worst of them all is scat ..WTF is wrong with these people WHO is inta that kinda garbage these sick f**** need their heads examined ..jokerzwild

  • Animal people hybrid? I think you mean magical creatures that are their own species and race because its anime and anime often includes the use of fantasy. It's fantasy and if you can't comprehend that you're retarded

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