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I'm a divorced 62 year old who has been dating the most extraordinary 37 year old woman I've ever known for the past two years. At first, we had a casual relationship and we were both free to date others, but after several months we began to see each other exclusively. She occasionally spends weekends with me at my place and the walk in closet in my bedroom now contains quite a few things of hers. One of the dresser drawers is also hers. She continues to maintain her own apartment. I've got two daughters, 38 and 36, and the three of them get along like sisters. In fact, my oldest daughter and the woman I'm seeing graduated high school together, but they were not friends back then. Recently, my daughters both told me that I deserve happiness and that if I've found it with Regina, I should take the next obvious step and ask her to move in with me. It sounded to me as though they'd both like to see that happen. I'm financially set, took early retirement last Spring and I'm starting to get comfortable in my new lifestyle. Everything seems to work quite well just the way it is and I'm reluctant to change the status quo. The only conversations Regina and I have had about it have been "what if" chats that have always ended leaving the option open. I suppose the truth is Regina and I are both happy with the path our relationship is taking and are letting it develop naturally. I don't want to jeopordize any of it.

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  • This is just beautiful! . the chemistry is obviously right and everything works. you only live once and you both are very lucky to have each other. good luck and thank you for sharing this wonderful story.

  • No offense but this situation since shes younger it makes her a gold digger

  • You are absolutely incorrect. She's an Assistant District Attorney and has no need for my money. Your comment isn't offensive at all, but it is certainly an example of the typical ignorant thinking so prevalent in our culture. I'm surprised you didn't also brand me a pervert and/or a dirty old man. It would most likely astound you to know that Regina surprised me with an all expenses paid 6-day hunting trip last Fall to South Dakota. It was not my birthday, it was not my Christmas present, it was simply something she wanted to do for me that she knew I would not have done for myself.

  • It's nice that your daughters are getting along with Regina but whether you move in together, and when, is between you and Regina. Be advised that in some places living together for a period of time will make you husband and wife in common law. Before that happens you need a fair and reasonable prenub. You're too old to start over.

  • You need to do whatever you need to do to be tappin' more of that ass.

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