I want to kill myself

I hate myself so much , i wish id never been born , thee is not one thing i like about myself i am horribly fat and i feel like ill die alone with 2346789876432 cats i want too start over i want to relive and make no mistakes , living is so hard. i just want it to be over ,i just want to be loved ,i just want a PURPOSE.

Sep 7, 2011

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  • If you want to start over- start over. Start today. Don't end your life- live it. Drink water- not soda. Cut out the bread, snakcks and other things you like that make you fat. You don' thave to cut thme out forever, just long enough to make the transition. Give yourslef a reasponable time limit and goal. One year from today be x lbs less and work towarde that goal.

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