ive fallen out of love with my

ive fallen out of love with my boyfriend. he is my best friend for life & ive stayed with him because i dont want to lose our friendship. it is the most important thing in the world. i love him, im just not in love. i feel like we're together out of habit.

ive fallen in love with his best friend. i pretend like i want to just be his friend. and that everything is amazing with my boyfriend and i. i would enver do anything to hurt either of them because their friendship with each other, and my friendship with each of them is important. instead of messing things up with us and ruining the friend dynamics im keeping my emotions quiet and making myself miserable

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  • No s***? Really?

  • i came on here to vent, not be judged by you. its a confession site. not ann landers

  • Even 38 year old people have childish mentalities, and you're one of them. I am a 37 year old male, with as much or more experience in relationships as you. If you're not married to your boyfriend, I am a little doubtful that it has been a long term relationship, even though some people simply "date" their whole life. I suppose you could be "in love", obviously, but I tend to think that society has a habit of associating new relationships with being in love, while longer, older relationships have to exist only as a matter of habit. This thinking is false, and absurd. I am intrigued by the "emotionally attached" comment though, it shows you understand the foundations of long term successful relationships. Good luck with it all, but I say, if you're that sure, don't wait. Go for it.

  • how can you say im a child if you dont know my age! Its nice that you offered advice, however. Im 38. thats hardly childage. and ive know my boyfriend and his best friend since we were in 8th grade. I don't l*** for him. I am emotionally attached. I am not being naiive

  • Well, as you'll discover some day, all relationships that last become habit. You l*** after your bf's friend, you don't love him. True love takes time, lots of it, and I'd bet you didn't spend enough time with him to ever truly be able to know what loving him or anybody else for the matter is all about... Ur a child!

  • my boyfriend and i broke up, but i still want to be with his best friend who is giving me mutual signals. im even more confused now.

  • Dnt stay with ur bf, if u dnt love him what's the point of staying with him? What's worse is your still with him and don't love him, u should be with people you love not ones that you dont

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