not all blacks r

not all blacks r robbers,rapist,rude....but the 1s i know em,all are.

not all muslims r terroists,but the 1s cought were all muslims(the only only race to scare s*** out of whites ).not all indians r poor,but the 1s i know are.wounderful world.

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  • Ignorant minded people!

  • Black prostitutes are better than whites

  • If you are talking about Native Americans when you say Indians, they are actually pretty rich. I don't know about the rest of the country, but where I live, the Natives own all the casinos. They are rolling in dough! As for everything else you said, you sound very ignorant and stupid. A higher percentag of sexual offenders are white than black idiot, and many terrorists are not muslim. . .like Timothy McVeigh! Get your facts straight, and try opening your mind a little.

  • EXACTLY!!!!!! its just stupid ppl and there assumptions

  • damn rightl !!!!

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