I hate Islam

I don't necessarily hate individual Muslims as some of the nicest people I;ve ever had the pleasure to meet come from Pakistan but overall the religion itself is vile, violent and they marry little girls under ten.

Islam has no place in a free society with laws that protect the rights of all peoples. There is no reason for Muslims to be in America and looking at what's going on in europe America may be next.

Dec 3, 2016

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  • I mean, personally, I hate the practice of Christianity. Nothing against Christians, unless they say some bullshit like "gay people are evil", "slavery is okay", or "women are less than men". But my best friend, mom and all of my extended family are Christians.

  • The religion of Islam and any other religion isn't the problem, it's some collective groups, governments, states and some individuals m; that misuse and abuse their religion. Interpreting the word of their god, to accommodate their lifestyle choices and evil deeds.

    See beyond religions people, what's left is individuals, nothing more and nothing less

  • I myself come from a muslim background in Iran and I have to admit you are so right. most of the islamic rules are against women and minorities. Islam has accepted and confirmed slavery. There is also so much nonsense in Quran. For instance, Solomon talks to animals (like birds and ants, apparently animals were much more intelligent those days!!!). It also asks to beat women if they don't behave (4:34) Muslim clergymen say "go search for the best religion but if you come to any conclusion other than Islam, you have to be killed." (based on islamic rule if a muslim converts to another religion, he must be killed even if he repents). Muslims are blatant liars trying so hard to hide the realities of their religion. In fact, among themselves they say very strange things but when they come to an outsider they tone it down. If you look at Islam you can so easily find out this is not the truth, the reason these muslims adhere to Islam is just psychological. In fact, the big question for me is "why the heck are some people converting to Islam in Europe?" I mean if you want to choose a religion, Christianity is much better. The basic teachings of Christianity is about love but Islam is about hate.

  • For humans to move forward religion and money need to go.....

  • Bit*h, fuc*ing thank you😂 Yes

  • Im sorry brother. Im a muslim here and i live in USA. Look Islam is never bad nor any other religion. Every religion have same roots. Islam didnt say to marry girl who is under 10. Its the people who made this. Dont believe what you listen and see in media go outside and do research and make sure its the correct thing.

  • Do your research its a virus and has hindered progress for a long time especially the catholics.

  • I'm the OP and your probably right.

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