Antimuslim sentiments

Look, I know God said not to hate or anything but as of right now I f****** hate muslims. I'm from a place where muslims are a minority but let me tell you no matter how minor they mother had a patient who got kidnapped and raped by a muslim, they forced her to marry the rapist too. My own friend had to move away because her muslim boyfriend abused and raped her. and now there's the news on the 44 great soldiers murdered by muslims because they had to kill the terrorist staying in the muslim dominated area. It's also an open secret in my community not to get to close to a muslim or you'll either get kidnapped,raped and killed by them or the enemy family. Even the elections in muslim dominated areas over here tend to get violent, bombs, guns and assasinations, so to speak. .......I'm f****** confused because even I've had to deal with another friend getting death threats because he said something annoying(along the level of "hey! your sitting on my chair") at a muslim classmate....I MEAN COME ON! people say that all the time and THEY don't get DEATH THREATS! ( he got told to respect MUSLIMS OR ELSE) ......note he only mentioned to respect MUSLIMS...... I mean I know its "Rascist" but what..... should I just turn a blind eye on all the bad things people do because they think ey have the greatest religion....WHY DON'T THEY JUST GET ALONG WITH OTHER RELIGIONS! I HAVEN'T OF HINDUS, BUDDHIST OR MORMONS ACTING VIOLENT FOR THEIR RELIGION AS MUCH AS last quote "not all muslims are terrorist but all terrorist are muslims"

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