When the UK pullled out of the UR they did right. USA should act

The United Kingdom was tired of those nasty Muslims stinking up they country and destroying their culture. I mean Muslims marry little girls under nine years old and f*** them before age ten. Do we really want these dune coons in the free world?

We have enough pedophiles, cutthroats in the free world already. Why allow these barbarians to settle into our countries?

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  • I'm guessing you're one of the young, uneducated ones, who bite anything their folks say, which means you've never known a UK that WASN'T in the EU! Muppet! So not a damn thing has changed for you since you were in nappies. Now, if you're old, you're stuck on that whole nostalgic bullshit, and wish things can go back to the way they were, like in the 'olden days', right? Nope. Because guess what... that was then and this my dear friend, is now. Change is constant. Change is inevitable. But, you stay in your ignorant little bubble. Your anger will kill you soon enough. It's like a cancer, rotting away at its host.

  • Yeah, because people like you allow it to be a "free world".

  • Just one reason of thousands why the UK need to drop the EU like a bad habit. The supreme soviet in Brussels is a cancer......

  • BTW.......it's "EU", not "UR".

  • Too right!!!!!!

  • Lol @ dune coons

  • Lol such a racist c***. I'm not even Muslim but the world would be better off without people like you.

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