Boyfriend Fantasies

Okay. So I am in a long distance relationship and he doesn't known it but I constantly think about f****** him. I'm a virgin still but I get SOAKED thinking about it.. Its a constant fantasy that starts like this.. First were just sitting on my bed talking when I lean in and kiss him. Then as a pull away from the kiss he grabs me and jerks me towards him and begins kissing my cheek then lips and eventually my neck. I grab him by the collar of his shirt and pull him on top of me as he begins to reach into my pants with one hand and up my shirt with the other. He lays there on me as he's playing with my b****** and rubbing my c***. Then i pull his shirt off as he un does his pants and pulls them off. He sits there in his underwear as he helps pull my shirt off and I undo my pants and pull them down. He then bites my underwear then fully pulls them down and I pull him up and begin kissing him as he fingers me and I give him a handjob. We then begin to f*** until right before he begins to c** he pulls out as I swallow and he eats me out. We then (after both c**/o*****) cuddle until We fall asleep..

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  • I was shocked by both my parents words they said "oh and is it such an achievement to marry into THAT royal family" and maybe they are right anyway. Who would you feel sorry for the most? I would still feel more sorry for myself at least I know what I been through and most people are liars.

  • I don't see any need for you to confess anything. I say stop fantasizing and start f***ing.

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