Carol's Sissy husband!!!

My wife Carol caught me wearing her panties and she turned me into her sissy cuckold husband! It was very hard at first,seeing my wife going out on dates and me staying home doing all the housework I was so jealous she doesn't want nothing to do with me anymore!! Carol told me that I was no longer man but just a quivering sissy a real pantywaist and she wants me to go out and find Her new boyfriend'everyday!or she will tell everyone that I wear Her panties!!! Carol told her mother Jean that I wear her panties! When Jean found out surprisingly she was very excited for my wife Carol she told her that women rule the world!!! and now Jean stays with us at the household to help Carol sissify me and turn me into a real pantywaist! It took off like wildfire when Jean found out! My mother in law is very dominant and she loves it so I have to wait on her hand and foot!! The day starts up with me submitting to my mother in law!! Jean will have me hand wash her very feminine panties, humiliation at its finest with me in Carol's panties so whatever you do don't get caught with your wifes panties on take it from Sissy Jackie !!!

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  • I would just love to meat your mother in law.

  • My wife understood me when she caught me in her lingerie. She now massages my prostate as she milks me. Then she makes use an extension in her.

  • My wife caught me crossdressing and took pics and treats me like her b****...Ashley c**

  • I am still jealous, and I am very humiliated, but I love being humiliated by my wife Carol, because She is making me wear her panties every single day now!!! I never thought that being a cuckold husband would be so exciting !!! I love being her pantywaisted sissy all feminized under her thumb to do whatever Carol sees fit to do with me! Thank You sissy Jackie

  • I would love to meet you someday.

  • You posted humiliation At its finest, so you like watching your mother in laws panties! Sissy Jackie looks like you found a new home for your mother in law Jean, pretty soon you'll be wearing "Her panties too I bet!!! You probably dream of blowing your wife Carol's boyfriends also!!!

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