What I truly am, a Sissy

I have to let it out what I truly am. I have been married twice. The first time ended in a divorce because I was a cross dresser and was talking about my bi sexual interests. This only lasted six years until she had enough. Then I had several girl friends that where okay with my cross dressing and encouraged it by buying clothes for me and having me dress like a girl all the time. I found out that they where sleeping with real men behind my back. One sat me down and told me that I should get a boy friend and she would help me. I broke up with her instead and tried to date other girls but ended up dating a few guys. I did what they wanted and had some of the best s** I ever had. I refused to accept that I may be gay and put an add on a dating web sight. I ended up finding a girl and married her, she knows nothing of my past and I now cross dress any chance I can while she is at work. I know I am a Sissy, I know that my place in the world is on my kneed to satisfy real men. My wife does not engage in s** with me much and I am not sure why. This may be that I am inadequate to please her but I know she is faithful to me. I don't know what to do at this point.

Lost in life.

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  • That sounds incredibly difficult. I wish I had adequate advise to give you. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Maybe there's a professional you could talk to? And for what it's worth, though, you don't seem like a sissy to me.

  • Do what makes you happy.

  • Buy your mrs a strapon and some lube

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