I loved my molestor

Exactly 2 months ago I was sexually molested by a man I thought I loved. Thinking about it now I now know how stupid it was. I met a 25 year old online that lived in a different state. He tricked me and minullipated me. He came to see me 2 months ago and I stayed the night In a hotel with him. He touched me. Everything except for s** was done in that hotel room that night. He couldn't keep his p**** hard to have s**. I always thought there was a gay side to him. Luckily a police officer noticed something was wrong and took him out of my life. After this night I started little realizing what he was doing. He lied to me. Ruined me.so I could give him my body without knowing. He will now be sent to jail, prison maybe. But he's okay with that. He openly admit to everything when the police asked him questions, almost like he wanted to go to jail. He wants me to be disgusted and remember that night in the hotel for the test of my life, just like the other girls he did this to will remember. However; I'm not letting this phase me. I'm going to forget about what happened one day, not now but soon. However; he will never forget me. Everyday he will be reminded of what kind of sick person he really is, how no amount of jail time can fix his disgusting character. Today, I attend a normal highschool and have a normal life, I go to councling once a week. I see my friends, family everyday. Nobody knows about my secret besides my parents. I won't let this effect me. Because than he will get what he wants, I won't let him do to me what other girls he did this to go through. I won his game and that's the only thing I'll forever remember.


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  • Nice victim-blaming, a-hole. You're asking why she didn't behave normally in an abnormal situation. Duh. If there weren't multiple aspects within the dynamic, many working in the pervert's favor, she never would have been pulled in. We learn better, we do better.

    And you, young lady, are going to be just fine. There's a fighting spirit in those words of yours. Yep, you're gonna be better than fine I think. ;)

  • I hate to ask this but with so many warnings and stories in the media why did you meet him? I mean he deserves to be in prison for what he did to you but you also need to take some responsibility yourself.

    We live in a dangerous world and its full of creeps like him. You had to have known this might happen.

    You were old enough to know better than to trust some strange man you met on the internet. I'm glad your in counceling.

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