How would you feel if this happened?

Okay imagine this scenario - you're dating a woman who has just broken up with her ex after a long term relationship. You've known her for nearly two weeks but things are going great.

Your new girlfriend then tells you she's going to meet her ex for lunch. She wants you to know it's happening, just meeting as friends. During the lunch meeting the ex holds her hand whilst talking to her, has his hand on her back whilst they're walking, strokes her face, holds her face in his hands, repeatedly hugs her, and wraps his arms around her waist whilst standing very close. She raises her sunglasses whilst he holds her close and whilst their faces get close, they don't kiss. She doesn't object to these and doesn't try to push him away either physically or verbally.

How would you feel?

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  • "two weeks"? "two weeks"? seriously? if you have only known the girl for two weeks shes not your "girlfriend" shes just a girl you know and you have no right to expect or be disappointed by any behavior on her part. none.

  • 2 weeks..missed that very important detail. Unless you are in middle school, agree with this commenter it's not a relationship yet. But it is clear she is not over her ex and you are rebound guy. Your course of action is clear. Move on.

  • Well only been two weeks with lots of dates and multiple times sleeping together.

    Her and the ex have agreed to have no contact for a few weeks now...

  • You're stalking her. Stop that. It's creepy. And it's sick.

  • If she acts like that with her ex-boyfriend I'd seriously wonder why he's her ex.

  • I'd feel like you were spying. Because that's what you were doing, Richard.

  • A swing and a miss :-p

  • a****** . . . . . .

  • I would be hurt, upset, jealous, concerned..and a little angry. But at the same time anyone who has ever been in a relationship understands that certain things don't necessarily end even though the relationship has. It's clear that not enough time has passed since they broke up. It's too soon for either of them to be in a relationship. He's definitely not over her and she probably isn't necessarily over him. It's not to say that they would start up their relationship again, but the chemistry still exists. She most likely really is happy with you, so don't doubt your feelings. But her ex will always be a part of her life and chances are if the tables were turned and it was you being that same way with your ex..she's be furious. I would also wonder how often she needs to talk to her ex...because if it's often, leave.

  • Not sure about how often she 'needs' to talk to her ex, but they chat online pretty much every day.

    He contacted her yesterday and said he desperately needed to see her, he was super down and only she could make him feel better. She wasn't feeling well but went anyway. When she was with him they went to his bedroom just for privacy, ended up having a cuddle on the bed, she let him kiss her on her back, and then she fell asleep for a little while whilst he had his arms wrapped around her.

  • I don't even think exes who have children together talk that much. This sounds like torture. She's telling you what happens? Does she think by telling you what happens that it makes her actions okay? Seriously, WTF? Her behavior is not okay. She is cheating on you..blatantly. The best thing you can do for you is to break it off. As much as you like her, love yourself more to know that you can do so much better. You can find a girl and not deal with this bull s***. Personally, I'm not sure I would/could ever trust her. There are tons of single and available girls out there who would love to date you, this one is just going to leave you heartbroken and even drive you a bit crazy. No one needs this extra drama in their lives.

  • Leave her brotha. Shes not the type to bring home to mama.

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