Shouldn't have dug up the past

I'm almost 50. Married with kids. I was cleaning out some boxes recently from my childhood that I haven't seen in 25 years. I found a box with an old girlfriends stuff. I dated her when I was 23. I was young and stupid and broke up with her because I really lost interest in her. Finding this stuff was a huge shock. So many memories flooding back. It's not that I still love her. It's that I feel like a stupid a****** for the way I weaseled out of the relationship.
I tried to find her though social media but no luck. I doubt she would talk to me even if I did find her. I facebooked her sister but that's a long shot. This feeling has been going on for more than 2 months and I want some sort of closure. I was a d*** Natalie. I should have stayed with you. I have no idea who I was back then and don't like who I was either.

Oct 25, 2014

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  • I'll tell you what HE also needs to hear: If you've let it lie this long, you don't have the guts all these years later to handle her-- you can't even handle yourself. You haven't matured, you have just gotten older.

    OP and HE were both d icks, and my money is on both of them still being d icks-- just more elderly these days. Neither of them care about their lost "love" so much as their own uncomfortable feelings, so they can stew in that frustration the rest of their misbegotten days. The women they treated badly won't have time for their needy bullshit.


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