I hate it here

I'M SICK AND TIRED OF THESE STUPID S**** GOING ON AROUND ME LIKE BRO i hate online classes, like it's NOT effective at all, it's f****** up my mental health. i can't survive another year of this stupid online s***. AND I FRICCING HATE OUR GOVERNMENT LIKE WTF???? i'm still a minor but why does it feel like i'm wiser than these f****** politicians, politicians who only do things for their own good. f****** selfish people, i hate them all.

Mar 23, 2021

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  • They're to protect you. I hate online classes too, online university sucks and I've never had such bad grades before this. But we gotta keep our heads up or else this virus will only continue!

  • We laughed at the governor and his Man-dates. So the governor likes.to date men, what's that got to do with me?

  • Albeit, online classes are saving the government loads of money being hoarded, they're also using this "pandemic" as a way of various venues of revenue; the government saves a butt load of cash, from not spending it on school supplies, construction, utensils, extra classes, etc. Take the common core for example, just a way for the gov to generate more money, thus it renders as pointless, for students, since high school students have regents. But that's a different topic. And not to digress, people think these vaccines are here to save us, but we're nothing more than guinea pigs of the experiment, in which researches and manufactures are being paid loads of cash, to make variety of vaccines; not to mention, that even making the bottle, cap and label, makes them even more money, as well. You don't need to get vaccinated, if you've already gotten the virus, considering that the virus you've gotten, is stronger than what they would inject into you. When they say that this pandemic is "unprecedented" they're pertaining it to our generation. It's true, that we haven't experienced such a thing, within this time. However, history has it, that there has been greater epidemics, that have been contained. impromptu. In reality, it's not as serious as the
    media hyperbolized it to be. And get this, the USA has an average of 495,000 deaths, from tobacco, which puts it at par of the death toll, of the number of deaths from the virus, which is approximately 500,000 (there has been reports of fake death counts, so it could be lower), yet they're taking advantage of this virus, by having people lose their jobs and establishments for more online retail work to save money, having students take online classes to spend less on
    food and supplies, and to make more vaccines, so the researches and manufacturers can get their pay. All thanks to media, and the fools who buy into their folly.

  • Because your in a pandemic situation.
    Your us uncharted territory and it is dangerous for you to be in school now.
    Be up set but your still alive and soon in a year or so it will be over or close to it!!

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