Office Manager

Kim has been our office manager for almost ten years. She is in her fifties and by twenty years the oldest person in the office. She's blonde, attractive, and friendly. She has two grown kids and is currently separated from her husband. Last night she attended a going-away party for a member of the management staff. She looked great in a sheer blouse, tight black capri pants, and three inch f***-me heels. She wore much more makeup than usual and her eyes were sultry. After a few drinks she became very friendly and attentive, she was definitely giving me the "go for it" vibe. I wasn't going to disappoint her. After another margarita she invited me to join her outside for a smoke.

I suggested we go to my car and she just grinned and took my hand in the parking lot. I pulled her to me and kissed her. She seemed to melt in my arms and slid down to her knees next to my car, cupping my package with one hand and working my zipper with the other. Her c********** skill is unmatched...I came in her mouth and she swallowed my c**. She said it was easier to fix her lipstick than redo her makeup.

We went back inside and after a few wry glances from around the room we settled back in to the party. Kim had another couple of drinks and was obviously hammered, though holding her own. It was decided she would not drive her car so I offered to take her home.

Once in the parking lot we kissed again and I slid my hand into the back of her pants. She has a great ass and I wanted it. She giggled and unclasp her pants and let them fall to her ankles. I opened the car door and after she sat down i helped her pull the pants over her high heels. She wore pretty black lace panties and I almost dove into her crotch. I ate her through her panties and she hand a bone shaking o*****.

I jumped into the driver seat and we started home. She began rubbing my c*** immediately and a mile down the road I f***** her doggy style in a Wawa parking lot. I was pounding her pretty good and inching my thumb into her ass. She loved it and almost begged me to f*** her in the ass. I gently penetrated her at first but soon I was piston-f****** her hot tight a****** and I blew a big load deep in her bowels. It was the best piece of ass I have ever had.

She is almost 30 years older than me but she has a great body and is sexually advanced. I hope this wasn't a one-off, but even if it is, it was unforgettable. I am anxious to see her in the office on Monday.


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  • Nh slutty mom.....except Im a supervisor..this could fit me..done with a few of my young..chrges:)

  • Well treat her nice and don't go skating to everyone. Obviously she has been through a hard time and needs some relief.

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