Caught by her husband

I once got really drunk with my 2 friends who are married. They are only 20 years old and super sexy. She was wearing lulus an a pink tank top always showing her cleavage and bending over showing her thong. He had huge muscles and an anger problem so he was quite a scary guy. Well he passed out on the floor and she went to the bathroom, when I see her come into the room next she has no pants on and her beautiful white p**** in plain view. I try to act still asleep to take advantage of this scene. She slowly bends over and sits down her a****** so tight you could tell she was an a*** thing I know she gets up and heads to there bedroom, I get up and pretend to go take a p*** my buddy still passed out in the kitchen, when I get to the bathroom there lay her blue and pink leopard thong.i was always curios what she tasted like or even smelt like, so I picked them up soaking wet and still warm I began to suck on her thong loveing it. I decided this was not enough I wanted to see her while I jacked off so I crept in the bedroom where she lay with about 2 vibrators and a d**** going to town. I sneak to the closet and get inside where I find all sorts of used underwear. I begin to stroke my d*** when her hubby walks in the room. He came strait to the closet and there I was caught red handed. I had a choice I can give up my virgin ass in exchange to f*** I did and I would do it again since then iv probly f***** her 20 times..but also are enough c** to be a women...


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  • F***** UP STory

  • Bullshit story obviously written by an idiot kid.

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