My Brother with benefits

So here it is. I am a girl aged 19. I am from India and I am currently studying in 11th grade. When I was in class 9, I had made a friend let's say Aryan whom I used to see as my brother but then he was more like a best friend. Gradually became very close and the thing we had in common was that we both were in a relationship with someone else and both of them lived in a city far away from ours.
We had become very close and he was the only one who supported me a lot whem my boyfriend broke up with me. We became so close that we used to chat almost every time on facebook and also a bit in school. And as I said earlier we both were like brother and sister even though we used to kiss each otherand son after we also started smooching whenever we gota chance to.
One I had called four of my close friends at my place (including him) after our final exams of 9th grade. My parents were not at home and it was in the afternoon. I had told everyone to reach by 4:30pm and Aryan came at 3:00 which is before 1 and a half hours early. It was obvious that we would have stated smooching as nobody was at home. I don't know what turned him on but he started playing with my b**** (I am quite thin) and massaging them. I don't know why but I enjoyed it like h*** and it turned me on. As I was at home (I don't wear a bra at home) he reached under my top and started massaging my boss and he also started tickling me near my navel area. I got turned on and reached for his p**** which was hard has h*** and "enormous" in size. I took his pants down and started giving him a hand job and soon his sick was in my mouth.
He took my shorts and started rubbing that part from above the panty which turned me on and my panty became wet-ish. After rubbing them with his warm hands he started licking and sucking it. I enjoyed it a lot and asked him to finger me. He started with one finger and gradually reached for when I had to tell him to stop because it hurt. Then we both went into position 69 I.e his d*** in my mouth and his mouth in my v*****. We did all this and kept kissing and cuddling for 1 hour 15 minutes after which we took a quick bath of 10 minutes together as it was time for our friends to arrive.
That day we admitted that it was fun and we enjoyed a lot and we did this 3-4 times after that day as we got a chance to. And even though we were doing this we loved our respective boyfriend/girlfriend very much. All this was for fun and enjoyment.
Then time passed by and we passed 10th grade. I shifted to another city and luckily he shifted to the same city which happened to be his home town. I used to live in the hostel and he at his home. Though we were in different schools we used to chat a lot and also meet 5-6 times a month. One day while chatting we decided to have s** as we thought s** is something which can be done if two people agree to do so and is not necessary to do it with the one you love. I hesitated a lot but then my mind changed as I relaised he was right and honestly I wanted to have s**. So one day we decided to meet at his place and I decided to stay there for the night as his parents knew me well and we were allowed to share the same bed. He had told me to bring at least 3-5 condoms in case some were defected. That night we started with smooching and we had s**. I moaned a bit in the beginning but then he continously kept smooching so that I don't shout and nobody heres the noise. We had s** for almost 1 hour and we tried different positions. Then after that we cuddled naked and then went to sleep naked. That nigjt was amazing and I will always remember my first s** partner. Scince that time , we have had s** thrice and we have decided that we will have s** for the last time after we pass out 12th grade.
P.S we still love them both! And I and Aryan are still brother-Sister

Edit:- here's my confession and guys, no harsh comments please!


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  • Tack his c**

  • Very sweet. So why not have s** after 12th grade? Enjoy

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