Vacation with mom

So my and my family from Mexico, Dad Mom baby sis and brother, went to Canada. We stayed at Toronto for a couple of days and went to explore a small village. It was near Ottawa and was super cheap so why not.
We went to the hotel of this super small village, it was like a motel. We realized it's the wrong one and go to the other one. When we get in our room, we realize that we forgot two bags.
My dad said it was getting late at night, so him and my brother would go get the bags from the other hotel.
When we went to our room, it was very small with 1 bed and a super small heater. We called lobby, but they said they were fully booked. My sister fell asleep beside the heater, it was like -15 C and was super cold we were from Mexico.
The lobby person told us that it gets super cold at night, so we should sleep in the mini sauna that came with the room, as it is air tight and is with the warm shower. They told us to turn the shower on and leave it till the sauna gets warm.
Since my sister was sleeping infront of the heater, me and my mom went to the rooms sauna and turned it on. After 5 mins the sauna was super hot and our clothes became very moist. We went back into the freezing room, but returned to the sauna. Our clothes were very sweaty and moist and it started to stink. I said "mom my clothes are very stinky and sweaty, can I take my shirt off?" She said "the room is very cold and my new clothes are also sweaty. If you don't mind can be both only wear or underwear so we don't ruin our clothes?
I agreed, but she warned me not to look at her or things would turn bad. We both got rid of our clothes and were almost asleep for 15 min when her phone ringed. Dad was calling saying that there is a huge storm so he is going to stay in the other hotel. My mom told me the story and I was staring at her b****. She has 36DD and was wearing skinny white bra. I told her to get a shirt because her sweat made her bra and panty completely see through. I got rock hard and she quickly covered up and told me to turn around. She said that after 5 minutes we would go back to the room. We fell asleep again, this time I woke up before her. I lightly touched her sweaty b**** and ass but ran back to my seat. I called her to wake up, and she did. But she got up and started stretching, forgetting she was see through. She quickly covered using her hand when she saw how amazed I was. We returned to the room, where she removed her wet bra and panty and wore my dads shirt and shorts, and I just wore his shorts, we kept the bags aside from PJ in the car. Since there was only one bed I put my face at her feet. As soon as she feel asleep, I started licking her feet and got hard. I pushed my b**** against her p**** and started rubbing her. I then switched positions and was face to face with her. I layed flat and pushed her onto me, making it look like she was thirsty for me. When we woke up, it was super cold, and she started cuddling me and making out, thinking I was my dad, until I asked what she was doing. She quickly apologized.
It was freezing so we went to the sauna again, this time with our undies only. Since it was freezing, we decided to put some warm water on our bodies. She went first, and I started getting hard and was so amazed looking at my mom with her see through bra and panty and water over her. I quickly got up and started hugging her, saing don't freeze me to death. It was so cool with her huge b**** touching me. We ended up sharing the shower, and my bro and dad came later.


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  • Mina olen ka isegi oma ema hotellis keppinud.Ta oli väheke purjus,nii et ma sain emaga kiiresti hakkama.

  • Dude, stop with the mommy fetish. You have wrote a bunch of these and you just sound stupid. Acting like your mother doesn't know it's you. How many times do I have to tell you, that your mother would have to be in a vegetative state or a coma to not know. Obviously your stories are bullshit, and you just sound f****** stupid. Get a different fetish or find a way to make your stories more believable. You just sound like a f****** idiot they way they are written now.

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